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Delhi State Minister’s Are incapable To Buy Even A Pen : Kejriwal

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Image Source : indianexpress.com

Arvind Kejriwal likes to be in news always, today he made another controversy by telling his own minister incapable of buying even a pen in Delhi. Is’t laughable ?

Some one on twitter asked Kejriwal regarding absence of Health minister in Delhi, While people are dying from dengue, Malaria & Chikungunya.

On replying to this Kejriwal said that their ministers are incapable of buy pen them self without LG’s permission.

Where at one side it is defence for the current situation of Delhi, On other side it is a very serious charge on his own minister and their capability.

The health situation of Delhi is going worse to bad. “The patient died in ICU yesterday . His test for chikungunya done by RT-PCR method at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital came positive with high viral count,” they said.

Around 1057 cases of chikungunya have been recorded till September 10, in the municipal report release on Monday.

according to the health report chikungunya cases in the national capital has increased to over 1,000 this season which is 90 % more then last week.

and if any one question Arvind Kejriwal over this mess, he either call him Dalal or put blame on LG.

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