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Finally : Navjot Singh Sidhu formally Announces Political “Forum” Awaaz-E-Punjab

Navjoth Singh - Awwaz- E- Punjab
Image Source : www.marunadanmalayali.com

On Thursday Navjot Singh Siddhu formally announces it’s political forum in Punjab, named ” Awaaz-E-Punjab”. Cricketer turns politician Sidhu on Thursday said “Good people have been removed from system and they watched from sidelines silently. This is also a crime to remain silent,”.

Sidhu left BJP in July, he resigned from BJP’s Rajya Sabha Seat and primary membership of the party.

Sidhu said, “This time Punjab will win. This is our slogan. Today Punjab is a beggar. Debt of Rs Lakh crore on the state. If Punjab has to win that a person needed who will work selflessly and not just be a decoration piece. We need to shake the system.”

He also target AAP Chief Arvind Kejriwal in his press conference saying that. “Kejriwal ji told me ‘don’t fight elections, ask your wife to contest will make her a minister.’ I said ‘Sat shri Akal sahab. He (Sidhu ) also  compares AAP with East India Company, says they are following the policy of ‘Divide and Rule’. He made further  allegation against Kejriwal  saying that, he only want “Yes men ” type people around him.

He said that desicion on political party will be taken in 15 day’s time, Currently Awaaz-e-Punjab is a political forum.

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