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As India – China tension increases in Doklam, Ajit Doval heading to China

Ajit Doval India China Stand off at border
Image Source : inosmi.ru

National Security Adviser (NSA) Ajit Doval is going on a visit to Beijing at the time when China and India’s army are facing each other face 2 faces on the Sikkim border. On July 27 and 28, Doval, who is visiting China for joining a meeting with the NSA of BRICS Nation, will talk to a Chinese counterpart on Doca La Maddey. Although the program is hosted by Yang Zee on behalf of the China State Council, Doval and Yang Jechi work as special representatives nominated by their governments to discuss issues related to both the border.

Although detailed discussions on Docca is yet be done between  India and China, be sure Doval will be on task to reduce tension on Border by two nuclear power nation. Meanwhile, China has already kept tight eye on this meeting. India-China representatives met each other in November last year. It was decided that two nation will talk on border issue 20 times in a year. However, there is no possibility that Doval and Yang can arrive at a conclusion on the tri-state issues. Since it is a tri-state dispute and absence of Bhutan may derail any concrete solution to the situation at the border.

AS India provides security support to Bhutan and will keep on doing so as Bhutan is India’s strategic partner. In this situation, negotiating boundary disputes with China on behalf of Bhutan will not be a desirable thing to do on India’s part. But Doval will try to get things on control and will try to bring all party on the table to discuss and solve this issue.