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Is Modi planning for another surgical strike on Pakistan !??

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On Monday night, after the terror attack on Amarnath pilgrims, the restless PM Modi might preparing for big action on Pakistan. In the last 24 hours, Modi has consulted many rounds with National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, Army Chief Bipin Rawat. According to sources, Modi is intended to once again issue the order of surgical strike on terrorist camps running inside the Pakistan border at LOC. After the devastating killing of pilgrims, & clear cut indication of Pak involvement through Lasker e Toiba, India can destroy terrorist bases of these organization across Pak border.

According to media reports, Modi interacted with RAW chief Anil Dhasmana also raised the issue of surgical strikes. It is being said that Raw has fresh satellite photos of the terrorists operating inside the Pakistan border. These photographs have also been shown to Modi. There are many camps are still going on inside the Pakistan border adjacent to the border areas of India like Rajouri, Punj, and Uri, whose evidence has been obtained from satellite pictures. According to sources, Modi wants to make a statement on world forum that if, the innocent people are going to be killed in this way in the country, then India will use all options that other countries like  America, Britannia, Israel or Russia against terror. Modi wants to tell Pakistan that India is no longer dependent on diplomacy but is capable of fighting itself in its own war and in this war against terrorism, most of the world is with him.

The Army and Air Force chief is been given an important instruction from PMO, Sources said that the terrorists supported by Pakistan wanted to execute an incident like the Godhra Part II by killing Amarnath pilgrims on a large scale. The motive behind this attack was to spoil the communal atmosphere in the country. But due to the sharp mind frame of the driver of the bus, a big disaster stopped from being occurred. The Tuesday evening Ajit Doval has discussed with RAW and IB chief about the current situation on the Indo-Pak border. Doval has also discussed several important issues with the Army and the Air Chief.