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Now United State has listed Pakistan as safe heaven for Terrorist : Modi Trip effect

US declare pakistan as safe heaven of terrorist
Image Source : The Indian Panorama

In the latest report coming from United Stated suggest that the US is going to take a tougher stand against Pakistan, as United Stated listed Pakistan as a safe haven for terrorists.

The United States is in a view that Pakistan is not taking a tough stand against a terriorist organization based out of Pakistan. The US wants Pakistan to act against terror group like Hakaani Network & Taliban.

This report completely exposing Pakistan, report state that group like Laskar E toiba and Jaish Mohammad getting training and operating from Pak freely. The US report also has a mention of Pathankot terrorist attack.

Last week the United Nation put a tough condition in front of Pakistan in order to get US aid and the US military hardware.

It is clear with these last two report that the relation of Pakistan & America is getting sour day by day. and United Nation wants Pakistan to act very toughly on terrorist group based and operating in Pakistan.

It’s also to remember that, last month when Indian PM Mr. Narendra Modi visited the United States, trump administration has put Jaish e Muhammad chief Slaudeen in a most wanted terror list.

It now to see how Pakistan responds to this latest development took place.