Home Politics Rajat Sethi a new Prashant Kishore of the BJP

Rajat Sethi a new Prashant Kishore of the BJP

Rajat Sethi BJP New Prashnat Kishor

Prashant kishore who help Modi to gain power in the center with his sharp strategy, has left party due to some misunderstanding with party top brass including Amit Shah and Jaitely. After the split, Prashant Joined JDU and made BJP struggle in Bihar  election and ultimately joined Congress to gain them power in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.

After the departure of prashant BJP was looking for young gun like Prashant to help them to strategise  election keeping young voters in mind. In a meantime Ram Madhav in his US visit met with Rajat Sethi who is a Howard+  MIT graduate and also helped Mrs. Hillery Clinton in her election in US.

Rajat Sethi BJP New Prashnat Kishor
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Ram Madhav Approached Rajat in US and bring him here to work with his team for BJP. Rajat Basically  belongs to Uttar Pradesh.  He is the one who have made strategy for BJP in Assam election, He and his team has worked 20 hours a day to ensure BJP win elections.

He has a 6 member team from prestigious collages of the world. two of them have also worked with Prashant in the past.

Although BJP is claiming that they have got the counter of Prashant but real test will be happen in UP election where PK and Rajat will face each other with their strategy and counter strategy.