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10 Unknown fact about Ramayana which you must share with your kids

Some unknown fact about Ramayan

Ramayan is a most greatest and holy literature in Indian Hindu religion, Many movies and serials we have seen which was based on Ramayana. But the literature is so vast in it self it is that it is  very difficult for any serial and movies to present every fact in it. Let’s see some of the fact of Ramanaya which you must share with your kids.

  • Ramayan was based on true events of life of Raja Ramchandra and his wife sita.
  • It was 1st written by Valmiki then by tulsidas in Ramchritra manas.
  • There is vast difference in how valmiki perceived about Ram and how Tulsidas perceived about him, where  Valmiki describe Ram as a good human being who was only following the principle of life, Tulsidas describes Ram as GOD.

    Some unknown fact about Ramayan
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  • Ravana was one of the biggest devotees of lord Shiva, to impress lord shiva he cut his head 10 times after which lord shiva gave him all 10 heads.
  • Ram has a sister called shanta which is very unknown fact about Ramayan.
  • Ravana was a grandson of Lord Bhrambha and cousin of Kuber who was the real king of Lanka, Ravan captured it later.
  • It is well known fact that  lord Ram was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, but usually people don’t know that Laxman was deity of Shesh Naag.

    Some unknown fact about Ramayan
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  • Laxman Never slept in his 14 year’s of exile to look after Ram and Sita.
  • Urmila the wife of Laxman slept for 14 years on behalf of his husband.
  • In a childhood while working in a home sita unintentionally broke the “Shiv Dhanush” (Shiva Bow ). That is why king janak put a condition for Sita marriage that who ever want to marry Sita has to break the Shiv  bow.
  • Laxman killed three sons of Ravana namely – Megnad, Prahast , Atikey.
  • The another name of sita is vaidihi.

    Some unknown fact about Ramayan
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  • Lord Indra cursed Kumbhakaran with his sleeping pattern due to jealousy.
  • Hanuman got necklace of pearls from Sita. Hanuman broke each pearl from the necklace and rejected the gifted necklace saying “I don’t accept anything that does not contain Ram.”
  • Sita birth place is in Napel ( Janakpur ) Now.

    Some unknown fact about Ramayan
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  • Janak father of sita was the king of “Mithilanchal ” which is currently located in Bihar and some part of Nepal.
  • Kubhkaran had two sons Kumbha and nikumbha who too fought with Ram and Laxman and got killed in war.
  • When Ravana abducted mata sita he took her in a place call Kotuwa which is now called sita kotuwa ” A famous tourist place of srilanka”
  • Surpnakha sister of Raven wanted raven to get killed in war because Ravan had killed her husband.