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Some Revealing Facts About Donald Trump and 9/11

Donald trump and 9-11
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US journalist with Columbia Journal Marlow , Writes in micro blogining  site twitter and posted some fascinating and revealing facts about Donald Trump, Who is president  candidate against Hillary Clinton. On the 15th year of 9/11 Marlow writes.

  1.  Donald Trump did not donated in 9/11 charity till yet.
  2. Did not visit the 9/11 memorial until running for President post.
  3. Tried to garner points on the campaign trail by claiming to have jumpers from the world Trade Center from the midtown manhatton apartment. ( Note- People still can not account for where he was that day, though friends have claimed that he was in Florida at Mar-a- Lago.
  4. Donald trump claimed to have lost  hundred to friends on 9/11 (  not a single has been identified )
  5. Tried to stir up anti-muslim sentiment by claiming to have seen “thousands of Muslim” celebrating the twin tower falling,across rever in New Jersey  . “Lie”
  6. Stole -$ 150000 in 9/11 recovery money embarked for small business though loopholes.
  7. After the twin tower fell, bragged that his building 40,wall street tallest in lower Manhattan.
  8. Donald called the Twin Tower  not so great building on 01/18/09, week after 9/11
  9. fought against the construction of the freedom tower in the media.


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