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Complete Profile of Swatantra Dev Singh – Political Career

Swatantra Dev Singh is a state minister of Uttar Pradesh with independent charge. Shri.Swatantra Dev Singh was born on 13 February 1964 in a village of...

Nitin Gadkari – Complete Profile And Work Review

Nitin Gadkari is one of the top leaders of the BJP, He was president of BJP from 2010 to 2013. He also held many...

Sushma Swaraj Complete Profile And Work Review

Sushma Swaraj born on 14-feb- 1952 in Ambala, She was born in a family of Swayam Sevak. Her father was an eminent member of...

Amit Shah Profile and Work Review

Amit Shah President of India's largest Political party BJP and a strong man of Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi. Amit Bhai Shah was born...