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10 players to watch out for in Pro Kabaddi final between Patna Pirates & Gujarat Fortune Giants

10 players to watch out for in Pro Kabaddi final between Patna Pirates & Gujarat Fortune Giants

All over the world the Kabaddi enthusiast would be waiting for today’s game as who will be the crown holder of Pro Kabaddi season 5. So let us see who could be the game changer for today’s game.

#10 Vijay

Vijay from Patna pirates team has come as a surprise package for one and all, He has rescued the Patna team many times. Hope today he play well in both the department Defense as well as raiding.

#9 Parvesh Bhaishwal

Parvesh was playing with Jaipur Pink Panther till last season, but from the day he started playing for Gujarat, he has transformed him self completly & giving great support to Fazal & Abozar in defance department. He can change the momentum of the game any time.

#8 Sukesh Hegde

Sukesh Hegde is been inconsistent in this season, he was out as well from the game for some time. But Patna should not forget Sukesh is a highly class player can any time turn the game in his team’s favour. So Patna should watch out for Sukesh as well.

#7 Chandan Ranjit

Chandan has played very little in this season, but what ever time he got to play he has shown what he is capable of doing. Has single handily snatch the win from opponent in at least 3 games in this season. he is a great asset for Gujrat Fortune Giants.

#6 Jaideep

Jaideep corner from Patna Pirate, is a new player in Patna pirate team this year though he is been very famous in services for his defence skills. It the reason why Patna paid almost 50 lakh to Jaideep in auction. Patna is lacking in defence but the day Patna & especially Jaideep does well the chances of Patna wining the game increases many fold.

#5 Vishal Mane

Vishal mane is someone who has been most experienced player in Patna Pirate, he is played final from Mumbai side as well, so he has the experience of how keep your nerves calm.  He is been highly inconsistent this season but with his dash he can put any opponent out of the game.

#4 Mahendra Rajpur ( Gujarat Fortune Giants )

The latest sensation of Gujarat raiding department, who turned the game against Bengal in qualifier 1 is a real man to watch for. I have no doubt if Gujarat wins today this man will have great role in that. With his height and skill he can easily get points almost when ever his team need one.

#3 Monu Goyat ( Patna Pirates )

Monu Goyat is the silent killer of Patna Pirate team, its difficult to stop him from taking points if he is in his charm. He is great ability of hand touch, toe touch, bonus  you name it he has it.  He does not make much noise but he has got almost 200 ( 192 ) raid points this season. He is been a great asset for Patna Pirate.

#2  Abozar Mighani ( Gujarat Fortune Giants )

Abozar with 64 tackle has made the sensation in this season of Pro Kabaddi, this Iranian player with his ankle hold has surprised almost every raider of this season. He is a finest combination of flexibility, strength & skills. He has played particularly very well against Pardeep.

#1 Fazal Atrachali & Pardeep Narwal

These two guys are gem in their own department, and the main reason why their team is in the final. Fazal is a defence wall & Pardeep is a raid machine. Though this season Pardeep could not do much against Fazal but Pardeep can any time change the momentum of the game. On the other hand Fazal has played exceptional well this season against Pardeep, this is the reason Patna could not register any win against Gujarat this year. But people should not forget they both had met each other on finals of season 3, where Fazal was playing with Umumba but he was completely unable to hold the grip of Pardeep. Let’s see who win the race tonight.

We expect both team play well tonight and may the best team win. What is your views.