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11 Cool & Best Way’s to Impress Girls On Facebook

How to impress girls on Facebook
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11 Cool  & Best Way’s to Impress Girls On Facebook

 This article is strictly for those who want to impress girls on Social networking site, specially on facebook.

1Should have complete and decent FB profile

Some time due to lack of time or our laziness, we ignore our profile and some time don’t even complete it. But let me tell you your profile shows your personality on social media, complete it full, which include your hometown,  city you live in, your relationship status and school and job etc. it will give authentication about you and will increase the trust of your profile visitor.

2Know her liking and disliking through her profile

In order to impress some one, you have to know about her/him. Visit her profile, try to figure out what is her liking and disliking, also know about her friend circle, try to visit there profile as well, what kind of things she share’s, what things interest her . Her profile will give a fair idea about her to you.

3Act Smartly, But do’t try to be over smart

Girls likes decent guy’s, so behave decent with them, if she is already in friend list that’s fine, but if not, send her friend request and wait till she doesn’t accept. If she is totally unknown, send friend request to her friends ( preferably male ) so that it may increase the chances of her accepting your friend request. But if she doesn’t accept your friend request at all, do go all out after her life. find new way’s.

4Be patient while interacting with her

Be patient and confidant while talking to her, start decently, introduce yourself properly, start a good confidant conversation of her interest, Do not jump on flirty mode in initial chat’s.

5Chat regularly but do not irritate her

Chat regularly with her, do remember what she has told you in previous chat’s. Ask question based on previous chat, also try to know, what she is  feeling about you, if you feel that, she is getting irritated by your massage, stop for some day’s.

6Listen to her, let her talk about herself

Every one know’s that, girls like to talk about them, infect in today’s world every one likes to talk about them self, so let her talk about her self by doing it you also get to know about her more.

7Show Care and Commitment

Show her that you care about her ( Which you should always ).   Ask her about her routine, her problems , her work/ education. and other normal stuff. Also do not forget to compliment her.  It will let you in her hearts.

8Share some good stuff  on your profile

While you are regularly chatting with her, do not forget to update your profile with some picture ( Specially with your family ) it gives a impression that you are a family person. Also share some stuff, which you think she might be interested in.

9Share your feeling about her

If every thing goes well, slowly tries to sen feelers to her, show her that, she holds a special place in your life, do not directly propose but start sending signal, & see what the response is from other side.

10Ask for Mobile Number or Offer Video chat

In one cool moment, ask her for her mobile number or invite her for video chat, You have to be careful at this stage and make sure she should not think you are showing interest on her physical beauty which can be one of the attractive ways to impress a girl. If she decline your offer, do’t get disheartened, it does not mean she does not like you. wait for another moment.

11Ask For a date

If you at this stage, i don’t think there might be problem to ask her for a date, ask her politely, if she agrees take her to a lunch or dinner, If possible get a gift for her. Its your 1st meeting so be prepared properly, dress well, all hygiene thing should be taken care of.   At the date be confidant, Be unique, try to be little funny with some sense of humor.

From here you can take it further.


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