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Fact About 251 rupees Freedom smart mobile phone

Fact About 251 rupees Freedom smart mobile phone
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Fact About 251 rupees Freedom smart mobile phone

India’s most cheapest phone is been launched last week, which price is only 251 rupees, Now this company is under the scanner of Income tax and Indian telecom regulatory authority. after being a viral in Social media that a company is offering 251 rupees Smart phone under the Prime minister Modi’s dream initiative Make in India the moment it’s launched been done the website gets crashed due to high traffic for booking.

The mobile number which is given in the advertisement is not reachable for the inquiry, Now telecom department of India has issued a notice for inquiry in to the matter as expert are raising so many doubts about this scheme and company.

It Could be bigger scam : Kirit Somaya (BJP )

After being published as 251 rupees smart phone under make in India initiative, many people started hitting the website for booking this phone, as per the report 6 lakh hits being done in one second. as per our report many people reached directly to the company office for booking for the 251 rupees smart phone. Now some are making suspicion that under the garb of cheap phone is ther any scam going on , BJP leader and MP from Mumbai says it could prove to be very big scam in coming day’s.

Who is Company Director Mohit Goyal ?

As per the information we got the company director Mohit belong to Shamli, his father is running a grocery business store in shamli , Mohit does not even have any mobile engineering certificate or knowledge, when some reporters tried to contact ringing bell company, then they come to know the fact that mohit started this company in September 2015 only and in Dec 2015 he married to dharna goyal and he made dharna a CEO of that company.

Company Address is in Noida

As per the Company Website the address of the company ringing bell is in B-44 in Noida sector 63, By looking at the office its seems very evident that it has been started very recently even the opening balloons are visible to everyone.

From where the Ringing bell getting this much cheap phone ?

experts are raising question that when company did not even imported any mobile then from where they going to supply these phone ? Because the company is saying that it thinking to develop the manufacturing unit in Uttarakhand means currently they do not even manufacturing and not importing as well so from where they are going to fulfill the orders for smart phone this is the biggest question.

At the time of promotion Company displayed other company phone

It’s been said that at the time of promotion and launching the company showed the mobile of Adcom company when reporter from media contacted adcom company they identified that these are their handsets but they have done no deal with ringing bell company which are calming to sell smart phone at 251 Rs.

What fact mobile business expert say

When dig deep into the matter with  the mobile phone business expert , they say it’s not possible to sell phone at 251 Rs. in current situation and as per raw material costing. By talking to them its been cleared that even china can not produce smart phone in 251 rupees. the current most cheap phone which is been manufactured in china is costing Rs. 1800.
Even defective Chinese phone which is being dumped in to yard is going to cost more then 700 rupee then how this company is claiming to sell phone in 251 rupees.