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4 Hero’s from Indian Army about whom you should tell story’s to your kids

Major Shaitan Singh
Image Source : India.com

1PVC Major Shaitan Singh ( मेजर शैतान सिंह )

In a fight with China in 1962 at a battle of Rezang La, at the height of 16404 feet from the sea level, Major Shaitan Singh and his Platoons of  The ‘C’ Company of the 13th Kumaon battalion on 145 personal, fought with approximately 400 strong Chinese army , backed by artillery support. Indian solders artillery could not be used because of the two mountain tops between the artillery deployment and the area where artillery fire was needed. This was a great disadvantage to our soldiers. The Chinese on the other hand not only had effective artillery but also mortars and rockets which they carried along on wheel burrows and used it with devastating effect. 109 Kumaonis out of a total of 123 were killed. Of the 14 survivors, 9 were severely injured. The Chinese suffered over 1 thousand casualties. After the war was over, the body of  Major Singh was found at the same place, dead from the bullet wound and the freezing cold. Major was later awarded with the highest wartime gallantry medal Param Vir Chakra for his exceptional leadership and patriotism. Source