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6 Sensitive Reasons Why Govt Should Not Make The Video Of SurgicalStrike Public

Surgical Strike
Image Source : www.newsnation.in

After 1971, 1st time India has put a strong foot forward by replying Pakistan, in a language in which he understand. Aftermath of the Uri attack, India has taken a unprecedented step by crossing the LOC and conducting a surgical strikes on POK.

At one side people of India are rejoicing the bold step taken by the Indian Army and by Indian Govt. but on other site Pakistani’s and some Indian Politician are calling the strike as “Fake”,  Which very shameful in the part of Indian politician  to not to believe on Indian army. Pakistanis and some Indian politician are asking for proof from the govt. indirectly asking for releasing the footage of the secret operation. Till date many country have conducted a surgical strike including famous operation of hunting Osama Bin Laden in Abbotabad, But no country has ever released the footage of the same, (by the grace of god they did not had a Kejriwal as a politician their). Their must be some reason why no country releases the video of Surgical Strikes.

1Will Reveal the weapon System of Commando

Special Commando’s are not using the ordinary guns, as they are special their weapon are also very special like them, which no country would like to reveal to opponent that what weapon system their special forces are using.

2Will Reveal Operational Tactics

The Video will surely gonna reveal the operational technics of spacial forces like , how the special force fight, what is their team formation, how they sneak, what is their war formation and all that. Do you think any country should reveal all that ?

3Revealing Entry and exit Point

Specially in this case as it happened  at LOC, the entry and exist point are so crucial thing to reveal to your opponent, who is keep on sending militant to India through different routes.

4Help Enemy to get prepare for next surgical strike

All this information which you will reveal to world, they will surely gonna be ready for your next surgical strike based on your last strike video footage.

5Will Pressurize Pak to retaliate

Nation mood is very important in war fare, India has to retaliate hard due to the mood of the Nation after Uri attack, currently Pak army has shun this event by calling it fake, So the Pakistani nationals are not asking for retaliation or questioning their army’s capabilities,But once you release the video they might get scummed to the pressure of their public and do what they should not have done otherwise. War is a tactics, if you are winning don’t make a self goal.

6Will Set a wrong Precedent

This releasing of the video footage not only going to reveal some of very crucial information, but will also set a wrong precedent, in future if any such kind of action takes place, No matter how sensitive it is, Army will have to release evidence , and it has never happens in India that any body has questioned the Army,But if this time if this govt. scummed to the pressure of some no brain Indian politician, Next time any tom, dick and harry will come and question our Indian Army.

After today’s meeting i don’t know what would be the gov’t decision, but my opinion is do not duck  to these pressure, We people of India