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AAP Punjab Observer Vijay Chauhan Caught Harassing Maid ! ??

Image Source : http://aajtak.intoday.in/

In another blow to AAP, party Punjab  Observer has been accused of sexually abusing his domestic help. According to the reports, Vijay Chouhan, Who is a AAP Oberver for Punjab caught in an audio  tape. A tape allege recorded a conversation  of   local leader Rajwant Singh and the housekeeper has been released in this regard.

The tape is been released by the rebel group led by Succha Singh Chhotepur. Rebal group also said that, Senior leader’s of AAP Party know about the tape.And hence, the party removed Chauhan from Sunam, Barnala constituencies and appointed him as an Observer of Patiala.

We yuvaspeak can not verify the authenticity of the tape but allegation is have also been levelled that the sexual assault victim has been given Rs one lakh by the accused to not reveal anything before media and police.

This is surely going to be the new weapon for anti AAP people, epecially for Akali and Congress in Punjab. AAP is already in back foot, after removal of Sucha Singh And Sandeep sex scandal. Kejriwal is has came today only from Rome and planing to visit Punjab soon and stay there for some time to control the damage done by recent incident.

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