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Anil Kumar

Anil Kumar Kabaddi Player
Image Source : Prokabaddi


Anil Kumar left corner one of the best player from services. He is fine defenders and played great last year with Dabang Delhi. This time Anil Kumar is one of the best weapons for Tamil Tahalaiva defends. He has only played one season so many people don’t know him much but his potential is as good as any best defender of India.

Records of Anil Kumar


NAME:                                                 ANIL KUMAR
TEAM:                                                  TAMIL THALAIVAS
NATIONALITY:                                     INDIA 
BORN:                                                  JUN 15, 1991
MATCHES PLAYED:                                       9
TOTAL POINTS:                                          16
TOTAL RAIDS POINTS:                                 1
TOTAL DEFENCE POINTS:                           15
RAIDS:                                                        10
SUCCESSFUL RAIDS:                                   1
UNSUCCESSFUL RAIDS:                              1
EMPTY RAIDS:                                             8
TACKLES:                                                   25
SUCCESSFUL TACKLES:                             11
UNSUCCESSFUL TACKLESS:                      14
His stats by now does not show the potential he has, as this year he will play for all season, we might see the great show by him in Pro Kabaddi league.