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Indian Army Chief Gen. Bipin Rawat to Jawans-‘Refrain going to social media ‘

Gen. Bipin Rawat
Image Source : NELive.in

In an press conference held today by Indian Army chief Gen. Bipin Rawat, he clearly said to the Solders to refrain them self posting  complain in Social Media.

He also said, every battalion will have a complain box, where Jawan’s can put their complain, their identity will not be disclose and i will personally look into your complain’s. He further said, if jawan’s feel that, their grievances is been unheard, they can directly come to me with their complain.

After the video posted by BSF jawan Tej Bahadur Yadav, questions are being raised for living condition of Army and para military Jawan’s. Home ministry has also ordered an inquiry into the matter and BSF has also come out in defending them self. After looking at the situation, now the fear is every jawan will come and post their complain on facebook, which will very denting to Army discipline.

This is why Gen. Rawat has to come out himself for giving clear guideline to jawan’s that Refrain going to social media, I’ll personally look into complaints’.

In his interview he also talked about the security situation in Jammu and Kahsmir, he said Terrorism and proxy war a cause of concern for India, Last couple of months, J&K witnessed violence. Why don’t we allow the valley to be a heaven for the people, We need to induct new weapon systems. Challenges of proxy war, terrorism & insurgencies will keep us embroiled for years to come: Army Chief.