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Who is Arun Gavli upon whom the Arjun Rampal’s new movie “Daddy” is based.

Who is Arun Gavli upon whom the Arjun Rampal's new movie "Daddy" is based

Arun Gavli, a dread don of Mumbai Byculla Chinchpokli area, who has once threatened the D company in Mumbai. The So called Marathi gangster of Mumbai, Who was once hailed by Bal Thakery in a Public rally in 90’s, saying ” If Congress has Dawood, we have Arun Gavli “.

Arun Gavli’s life started from working in a mill in 70’s, where he started involving in Union illegal activity. Arun Gavli started a BRA gang with Babu, Rama Naik to counter a local gang of Byclala headed by Mohan Sarmalkar’s, Whose main lieutenants were from north India, this is because BRA gang has started calling it a Bayiyaa Gang (Used to Describe North Indian in Maharastra ).

Prashant Pandey and Kundan Dubey were the major henchmen’s of “Bahiyya Gang “, the result of which this group were able to collect more money in the srrounding area and had a greator impact in Matka business of Mumbai.

The rively become more intense when Kundan Dubey sister has fallen in love with BRA gang’s leader Rama Naik’s elder brother Arvind,  In 1976, Kundan got into a quarrel with Arvind on the streets and slapped him. Rama Naik’s younger brother, Umakant, could not stand by and watch his brother’s humiliation. He stepped in and soon a fist fight broke out between Kundan and Umakant. Kundan stabbed Umakant, who later succumbed to his injuries. This resulted in a jail term for Kuldeep Dubey. By looking at the opportunity Arun Gavlai And Rama Naik has eliminated the biggest henchmen of Mohan Sarmalkar, Prashant Pandey.

This event of Killing Prashant Pandey, who was known to be the Matka King of Byculla has shaken the underworld, the “Bahyiya Gang ” was almost finished and Sarmalkar and other gang member backed off from the area.

After the Killing Rama Naik got arrested and in Jail, he gets his association with ” Bada Rajan “Rajan Nair. And BRA company started indulging in real estate extortion and smuggling.

In 1984 Rama Naik join hands with Dawood gang and helped in eliminating arch-rival Samad Khan the leader of Pathan Gang. Byculla gang then joined hands with D- Company from 184-88 the time when Dawood was in Dubai, Arun Gavli and Rama Rajan used to operate Dawood business in Byclala Chinchpokli area.

Somehow in 1988, Rama Naik and Sharad Shetty had major differences over a land deal in Jogeshwari. Dawood supported Shetty, which enraged Naik, who in turn insulted Dawood. In late 1988, Naik was killed in a police encounter.

Arun Gavli became the chief of Byculla gang and committed to taking revenge against Dawood. He got the support of Bal Thakey as well, Calling him a Marathi Don. Gawli’s gang were so brutal during the gang war that many D-Company gangsters like Sharad Shetty, Chhota Rajan, Chhota Shakeel and Sautya (Sunil Sawant) had to flee from Mumbai to Dubai.

After so many of killing and encounter by Police, the Gavli finally broke,  Gawli fell out with Shiv Sena in the mid-1990s, murdered Shiv Sena men and formed his own political party, the Akhil Bharatiya Sena.

In 2004 He became the MLA from ” Chinchpokli area”. Gavli suffered a Major blow when his nephew joined the Sharad Pawar led NCP and contested against Gavli. As a result of which he lose the election. Gawli’s daughter Geeta was recently elected as a corporation to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation.

Arun Gavli married to Zubeida Mujawar who became Asha Gavli after they both fled to married as Zubeida parents were not approving the marriage. Asha Gavli is also an MLA from Mumbai.

Currently, Arun Gavli is in jail for the murder of Shiv Sena MP. and The upcoming movie Daddy, directed by Ashim Ahluwalia and starring Arjun Rampal, is based on his life. 

Arun Gavli is called as Daddy and his brother Kishore is called “Papa” in the Bhai language of Mumbai. This is the reason the movie is named as “Daddy”.