Home Politics Why Kejriwal is Most useless Politician in India

Why Kejriwal is Most useless Politician in India

Why Kejriwal is Most useless Politician in India

Why Kejriwal is Most useless Politician in India

When Delhi gave a trumping majority to AAP govt. with 67 seat, It was a golden opportunity  for  Kejriwal to show his administrative capabilities and beat Modi’s Gujrat track record.

But Kejriwal choose to do what he was before election ” Blame Game Politics ”

Every one is evaluating Mr. PM modi’s work and day to day basis but no one is evaluting the work done by So Called rival of Modi ” Arvind Kejriwal” Who has done nothing in terms of progress in Delhi.

We Know Delhi is not a full State but it can’t be excuse of not doing any work haa ?  because with the same power and capability Mrs. Dixit had done quite lot of work, and whole Delhi know how you have treated that lady in your malicious election campaign.

Mr. Kejriwal you can not compete with Mr. Modi who work for 16 hour a day without any break. unlike you who rarely miss any movie to watch and review it. Hello you are CM not Rajive masand.

What you have done in last 1 and half year ? expect blaming PM/ HM / Lt. Gen / DPC / VC and god knows whom not, can you count your govt achievement till date in your figure ? and dare you take credit of work done by Mrs. Dixit government and completed in your tenure, You can fool your supporter only with your straight face lies.

After analyzing you for one and half year i have come to the conclusion that Delhi has chosen the worst govt of all time. Delhi govt. is most vision less state govt of India whose Chief is busy in the issue’s around  all over India whether its Dadri , Hydrabad , Ahamdabad , Punjab except Delhi.

You have no blueprint to fulfill the promise you made during election time. You are more concern for hydrabad student but don’t have answer for Delhi’s student safety and security where are the promises of commando force and CCTV. ?

It would have been better Mr. Kejriwal if you have focused more on Delhi and Delhi’s problem as you have promised, then doing daily sop kind of tamasa ” Rozana 5 Khelo main ”

On the issue of Pollution in Delhi what  you did , for which you are clapping you shoulder ? Did pollution gone down ? Is there no more health issue’s due to pollution ?

Mr. Kejriwal stop fooling the people of India by your theatrics and drama, you still have a time focus on you promises , focus on new school which you have promised to build , focus on CCTV installation , Focus on Women safety and security , Focus on water and electricity problem on Delhi. Other wise you can make people once, twice but can’t make them fool regularly.