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Some Astonishing Facts About Bihar’s Bahubali Don Mohammad Shahabuddin

Most denerous Don of India Shahabuddin
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After the release of Md. Shahbuddin from Bhagalpur, the debate is on whether Jangal Raj going to return in Bihar once again. Md. Shahbuddin Runs a kangaroo court in Siwan and he is biggest leader of Muslim community in Bihar. Let’s know some astonishing facts about Md. Shahbuddin.

1. Shahabuddin is facing 35 criminal cases including murder, extortion and kidnapping. He was convicted in seven cases.

2.Shahabuddin was elected MLA (Independent) for the first time in 1986 and had a speedy rise from crime to politics.

3. He won four election from Siwan bihar on the ticket of lalu’s Party RJD. 

4. He was facing a trial of killing of two brother’s  Girish and Satish. 

5. Shahbuddin has allegedly killed both the brother by pouring acid in them. 

6. Also he is facing trail of Rajiv Rosuan, who is a third brother of Girish and only witness in the case.

7. Shahbuddin He was convicted for the first time on May 8, 2007, on charges of abduction and killing of CPI(ML) worker Chhote Lal Gupta in February 1999.

8. Shahbuddin was in Jail since 2005. At the time of president rule in Bihar, Under the observation of IAS C.K. Anil, crakedown was bing done over Md. Shahabuddin gang.

9. In last two election his wife was fighting on behalf of him, but lost both the election. 

10. Md. Shahbuddin is the biggest muslim leader of RJD , after Abdul Bari Siddiqi. 

11.  Shahbuddin was convicted 1st time, when his age was only 19.

12. 2004 election Shabuddin fought from inside the Jail, and won comfortably. Reportedly he has converted the whole jail into his campaign management office. 

13. Shahabuddin is possibly the most prominent criminal-politician in India today.

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