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Bihar’s Bahubali Shahbuddin Out – Anant Kumar In

Most denerous Don of India Shahabuddin
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Bahubali from Bihar (Sivan ) MD. Sahabuddin got bail from patna high court, on Thursday. And he is likely to walk out of jail after 11 years on Friday, a day after Patna high court granted him bail in the much-publicized murder case of Rajiv Raoushan. Rajiv was a witness of brutal murder case of Bihar, where two people were killed brutally with acid.

“As Shahabuddin has got bail from different courts in all other criminal cases pending against him, he can now walk out of the jail after completing certain formalities,” his counsel Y V Giri told reporters. Shahbuddin was in Bhagalpur jail currently been shifted to Sivan jail.

BJP is citing and alleging conspiracy from state government “The state government in a systematic manner paved the way for release of Mohammad Shahabuddin, who is part of the RJD top policy-making body, from jail,” senior BJP leader told in a written press statement.

It’s to note that Md. Sahabuddin is very close to RJD chief “Lalu Prashad Yadav” . Lalu has also given place to shabuddin in RJD’s National committee.  Lalu wants MD. Shahbuddin to be back in active politics, as he is desperate to consolidate his muslim vote bank and RJD don’t have any strong muslim leader other then Shahbuddin  and Abdul bari siddiqi.

On the Other hand one another strong Bahubali from Bihari Anant Kumar Aka “chote sarkar “. Even after getting bail from court he may have to stay is jail, as Patna authority as put CCA (Crime control Act ).

Anant Kumar is a bahubali don from Mokama bihar, initially was very close to Nitish Kumar but now they don’t share any good relation at all.

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