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Bitcoin Vs gold- Reason why you should consider investing on crypto than gold

Bitcoin Vs gold- Reason why you should consider investing on crypto than gold

Gold is seen as best secure investment for future, but in recent year Bitcoin the “Digital crypto currency ” has emerged as an alternative to Gold for long term saving & Investment. In this article will tell you why young educated people do prefer crypto currency [ bitcoin ] over gold for their investment.

Reason to buy Bitcoin over Gold 

This sound odd but yes youngster all over the world is preferring to buy Bitcoin over gold the reason are various from security to trends.. Here we list out some of the important reasons to buy Bitcoin over gold.  

#1- Protection Against Theft

Bitcoin gives much needed protection against theft, gold can be lost or someone can snach from you or rob you. But Bitcoin can’t be robbed or taken away by someone, as it lives in wallet. The private key is with you & only the one who held the private can retrieve the Bitcoin.

#2- Limited Supply Higher Profit

The supply of Bitcoin is absolutely limited, Though gold supply is also limited but it can be mined and govt. may find new mine or supply resource or the supply can be improved. If supply is becomes more for any commodity the price gets reduce. Bitcoin supply is limited it can’t be increase in any way. So bitcoin become more rare than gold.

#3- Bitcoin Has Higher Store Value

Bitcoin has registered 100x improvement over gold as a store of value. The world is realizing this and beginning to reprice digital currency in real-time.

#4-  Bitcoin Is More Transparent

When you buy gold, you need to be skilled enough to check the purity of gold, In country like India the shopkeeper must be trusted one, the making charges the carat lot of things need to be considered if you are investing in consumer gold. But if you buying Bitcoin there is no such thing you can buy simply from any trusted exchange.

#5-  Anyone With Any Amount Can Invest in Bitcoin

You can invest in bitcoin with rupees 100rs or 1$  which is not possible in case of gold. In 100 rs its difficult to get gold. So you can say bitcoin can be invested by anyone with any amount.

#6-  New Trend – High Potential

Bitcoin is new technology, its a trend now. The market is young and has huge potential for growth.

These are some of the major reason you should consider buying Bitcoin OR crypto over gold.

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