Home Politics BJP has decided to support NitishKumar as chief minister : Nitish Kumar

BJP has decided to support NitishKumar as chief minister : Nitish Kumar

Nitish Kumar makes government with BJP in Bihar
image source : NDTV

Nitish Kumar is all set to make government in Bihar with the support of BJP MLA in Bihar. Nitish Kumar earlier today gave a resign to Bihar governor over the issue of alleged corruption issue of Tejasvi Yadav.

now the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has announced to extend unconditional support to Nitish Kumar’s Janata Dal (United) in order to avoid mid-term Assembly polls in the state.

Nitish declared that he has resigned. After this Nitish said that he used to cooperate with Lalu to maintain political religion he also said he tried to make every kind of positive effort to this alliance to work. But the way corruption cases came up and the atmosphere which was created made it difficult for me to work with. We told Laloo ji about this and demanded matter to be clear, but I was not told anything about these allegations. That is why I heard my conscience that now this government should be left out.

After the resignation of Nitish Kumar, Prime minister Narendra Modi twitted showering praise on Nitish Kumar for taking a stand against corruption.


It is to remember, that Nitish Kumar had called the meeting of legislators and leaders on July 28. But, seeing the RJD stand, on the issue of corruption, Nitish called the meeting on Wednesday evening itself. Earlier on July 11, the JDU meeting was also convened at Nitish Kumar’s official residence. There was a demand in the meeting that the stunning Yadavs, who are facing allegations of corruption, should resign from their respective posts.

Sources telling media that JDU will join BJP/ NDA  in the center as well.