Home World News Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman did not name Pakistan in joint confrence

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman did not name Pakistan in joint confrence


Soudi Arebia crown prince Mohammed bin Salman who in visit to India currently, Made a joint statement today with Indian counter part Narendra Modi. But as India expected after Pulwama terrorist attack, Bin Salman will talk hard with Pakistan or even ll mention cross border terrorism but Saudi prince disappointed Indian delegation by not mentioning Pakistan or cross border terror concerns in his speech.

Crown Prince Salman only says will ‘cooperate on all fronts on terror, be it intelligence sharing to ensure a brighter future for our upcoming generations.’ .

In this visit of Muhammad Bin Salman, Indian Officials expect an Saudi of the Strategic and Defence partnership, & announcements on oil investments, but visit will be most closely watched for how vocally govt is able to raise terrorism issue, esp after Muhammad Bins Salman’s joint statement with Pakistan’s Wajir E Ajam- Imran Khan.

The Saudi Crown Prince arrived in India Tuesday a day after his visit to Pakistan . Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday broke protocol to personally receive the Saudi prince and welcomed him with a warm hug at the Palam airport. The Crown Prince is on his first visit to India. External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said that the first state visit of the Saudi Crown Prince marks a new chapter in bilateral relations between the two countries.