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Facts about Indian Railway Budget 2016 By Suresh Prabhu

Fact about Railway budget
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Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu has presented Railway budget 2016 in the parliament on 25-feb-2016, While opposition has trashed his Railway Budget the common people of India has appricited it and called it very balanced budget, Where at one side there was no difinite number was given for new train, but at the other end suresh’s budget emphasis more on female security, Modernization and cleanness aspect of railway. Let’s look into some of the important fact about 2016 Railway budget.

  1. Complete 33% reservation for female.
  2. 20,000 LED screen to give railway information to passengers at 2000 additional platform.
  3. To Reduce accident’s foreign technology will be adopted.
  4. Facility of insurance for railway journey.
  5. Plantain will be done in the sidelines of Railway to reduce global worming and pollution.
  6. Rail Auto hub will be establish in Chennai.
  7. Radio facility will be installed for the entertainment.
  8. GPS system will be installed to know the rail location and speed.
  9. Redevelopment will be done on 400 Railway Station under the PPP modal.
  10. Beautification of Railway station which are located at pilgrims and historical places.
  11. Redevelopment of train coach and food/ Milk facility for new born baby’s in train.
  12. Hourly basis of booking at rest rooms of Railway Station.
  13. help and helper facility for elderly and handicapped passengers.
  14. E-catring facility at 400 Railway Station.
  15. Commissioning of Antyoday Express for common people.
  16. Ticket Vending machine will be installed at Railway station’s exclusively for Platform ticket.
  17. Additional coach will be attached to the trains which travelling long distances.
  18. 120 seats will be reserved for senior citizens.
  19. Habib Ganj Railway station will be develop as Modal Railway Station.
  20. Uday, Tejas and Humsafar trains will be commissioned.
  21. 2 new train Engine development factory will be developed under Make In India initiative.
  22. Mobile charging chord will be attached to General Coaches.
  23. Reservation quota for senior citizen is being extended by 50%.
  24. Women safety  helpline  182 will be available for safety.
  25. CCTV will be installed in Trains and Railway stations for safety and security.
  26. Wi-Fi facility  will be given at 400 Railway Station.
  27. New railway lines will be developed to link Shrinagar to main land.
  28. Will try to bring Bio toilet in every train by 2020.
  29. Every day 7 K.M new railway track will be developed.
  30. Every one will get Confirm ticket at any time by 2020.
  31. New railway track will be develop to link Manipur and north east to mail line.
  32. 28000 new railway path and flyover will be developed
  33. Social Media will be adopted to solve passenger query and grievances.
  34. Good Frights charges will be increased.