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Indian Railway blankets & Pillow are not washed since last 3 years : CAG

Indian railway blakets are not washed in 3 yeras.
Image Source : India Times.com

Indian Railways is the backbone of this country’s transportation system. It was reported in the past that the food at the train and the station are not worth eating. There is a strong possibility of getting sick once eat any thing from railways. The controller and Auditor General, CAG, in its report had stated in the report presented in Parliament.

In its report presented in the Parliament, the CAG has said in the clear words that the Railways is not following the scheduled time for washing of these things at all. It is so bad that in many places blanket has not washed since  3 years. The same case is with sheets and cushion covers.

CAG collects data from 33 depots of 2012-13 and 2015-16. This investigation revealed that the Railway Department is totally ineffective in the cleanliness front, In 13 depots falling within 9 different zones, no blankets have been washed for last 3 years. It is shocking that the blanket which is used by anyone every day does not touch the water for last 3 years.  In many depots, the bed sheets and pillow is also not washed since many days and month. This is a sheer invitation to disease.

According to the guide line sheets, pillows covers, towels etc. should be given to wash immediately once used. Blankets should be washed after every 2 months. But it is not being followed at all.

CAG has advised that a guide line should be followed properly and the system should be created to tackle this issue.  so that cleanliness can be done from scheduled time.