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Indian Budget : Arun Jaitely will present 2018 Union budget in the parliament today

Indian Union Budget 2017 Pro and Con's
Image Source : NDTV Profit

Arun Jaitley will present India’s union budget in parliament today, It would be last full budget of 2014 Modi govt. before the 2019 election. So this budget is going to be very crucial for the Modi govt. After the crushing effect of demonetization and GST, Indian business world and common people are eagerly waiting for some relief from the govt.

Govt is also currently facing the heat of joblessness in the country and price rise, in this budget people, are looking to see some light on these issues. This is going to be very crucial and tough call from the govt to continue the reforms or give relief to the people as the election is approaching next year.

what people are expecting

  •  Reducing tax slab and tax rate.
  • Reducing the complication of GST and tax policies.
  • Contain the inflation.
  • Increase Job growth.
  • Health and Education
  • Relief for old age people on investment.

And many more other gift people are expecting from the Modi govt this year, as he had promised to give relief after demonization, so let’s see how Arun Jaitly present his budget today.