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Iran Beat USA In A One sided Match Of Kabaddi World Cup 2016

Iran Kabaddi Team
Image Source : indianexpress.com

In the second match of Kabaddi World Cup 2016, Iran beat US team by a huge margin of 37 point, with final score line  52-15. Iran team was totally dominant in the whole match. expect US captain troy Bacon, no other player seems in touch.

USA got all out without opening their score board. at 7th minute the scoreline was 10-0. US got their 1st point at the 10th minute.

US captain troy bacon took 8 points,out of 15 point taken by US team as a whole. On other side Iran defance was looking rock solid with Fazal on one side and Hadi on other corner.

At the end of first half score was  27-8 in the favor of Iran, in second half US kabaddi team looked little batter then their 1st half game. They have made some couple of great tackle, including Nabibaksh who is a strong player of Iran side.

After the match troy bacon, the caption of US Kabaddi team said, he got a great experience in this match, which will help them grow in this game. He also said that ” Iran is playing this for long and they have become perfect in this game, we will catch up them soon.

It was fairly a tough game for a team which is playing their 1st game against one of the top contender of Gold medal (Iran).

Miraz sheikh was phenomenal in the whole game, he was well composed as a captain and a player. By beating USA with 37 point, Iran has given strong signal to other teams, that no team should take them  easy, and they are strong very strong indeed.