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Know the Owners Of Your Favorite Pro Kabaddi Team

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Pro Kabaddi league is gaining momentum day by day, every year it’s becoming bigger than previous one. Those who brought team initially are in profit now and additionally, 4 new teams have joined in.

So let us see the all team owners of Pro Kabaddi League

1Dabang Delhi  team owner

Dabang Delhi team is been brought by Radha Kapoor, She is the daughter of Yes Bank founder Rana Kapoor, she is the only woman owner in PKL. This is her first sports investment, different from her DOIT Creations company that promotes the Presto dry- cleaning chain.

2Patna Pirate team owner

Patna pirate the two times champion of PKL league is been owned by Rajesh V Shah, He is a  Co-Chairman & Managing Director,  responsible for the operations of the Mukand Steel  company

3Telugu Titans team owner

Kabaddi team based in Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam that plays in the Pro Kabaddi League. The team is currently captained by Rahul Chaudhari and coached by J.Uday Kumar The team is owned by Veera Sports constituting Srini Sreeramaneni of Core Green Group, Mahesh Kolli of Greenko Group and Gautham Nedurumalli of NED Group

4Bengal Worrier team Owner

Bengal Worrier represent the West Bengal Kabaddi team, It has a fine player this year. Bengal worrier team owner is retail conglomerate Future group let by Kishore biyani.

5Puneri Paltan team Owner

Puneri Paltan team is a very powerful team of Pro Kabaddi league, this team is owned by Suman  babu lal Shah, RAJESH HARKISHANDAS DOSI under the banner of Insurekot Sports.

6Umumba Kabaddi Team Owner

U Mumba (MUM) is a Kabaddi team based in Mumbai, Maharashtra that plays in the Pro Kabaddi League.The team is owned by Unilazer Ventures Pvt. Ltd owned by Ronnie Screwvala, who is is an Indian entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the co-founder of UpGrad,an online education company. He was the founder and CEO of UTV Group (UTV Software Communications, Bloomberg UTV, and UTV Motion Pictures), which was founded in the year 1990. Screwvala was the Managing Director of UTV India, Managing Trustee of the Swades Foundation and Founder & Advisor: at Unilazer Ventures Ltd.

7Jaipur Pink Panther Team owner

Jaipur Pink Panther, the winner of 1st season of Pro Kabaddi is one of the most followed teams of PKL, you may guess the reason because this team is owned by The team is owned by Abhishek Bachchan an Indian actor/ producer. Balwan Singh is the coach of Jaipur, who happens to be the coach of Indian Kabaddi team asl well.

8Tamilnadu Team Owner

Tamilnadu,  which is the new team Of pro-Kabaddi is owned by Iquest Enterprises Private Limited (Consortium). Which is the JV of Mr. Prashad and Sachin Tendulkar. Ajay Thakur is the captain of Tamilnadu team.

9Bangluru Bulls team owner

Bengaluru Bulls (BGB) is a Kabaddi team based in Bengaluru, Karnataka that plays in the Pro Kabaddi League. The team is currently led by Rohit Kumar and coached by Randhir Singh. The team is owned by Kosmik Global Media, Which is the India’s most successful independent production companies, with offices in Mumbai, Chennai and New Delhi.

10Hariyana Steelars team owner

Hariyana is also a new entraint of PKL season 5, This team is owned by Steel king jindal group. Which led by Naveen Jindal and Sachin Jindal.

11UP Kabaddi Team owner

UP team who brought Nitin Tomar at the highest price value of PKL history is owned by GMR group, which is the biggest infrastructure building company of India. GMR India has also owned Delhi daredevil IPL team.

12Gujrat ( Ahamdabad ) Kabaddi Team owner

Gujrat team is led by Iranian strong defender Fazal Atrachali is owned by Adani group, which is a known name of Indian industry the president of the company is Gautam Adani.