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Know About Patna Pirate Owner – Rajesh V shah & His family

Patna Pirates Team owner Daughter
From left to right- Mr. Shah his wife , Kautubh (Son ) and his wife and daughter and his husband. Image SOurce : economics times

Since the Ranchi leg started, many quires coming to our website as who is the owner of Patna Pirate team.

Here is the answer to this is, Patna Pirate owner is Rajesh V shah, the chairmen of Mukund Enterprises and many other steel and machinery firm owner.

Mr. Shah is a well known businessman from Gujarat. He brought Patna Pirate team as his friend Mr. Anand Mahindra was one of the promoter of the game.

Patna Pirate Owner Daughter & Son

His daughter not what you guy’s are thinking, who cheer for Patna Pirate team in the jersey. Shah children does not take part in Patna’s game affair. His daughter is been married in August 14 – 2017. His son Kautubh is also married to a Indi- British Modal.

Mr. Shah is a Co-Chairman & Managing Director, Mukand Ltd. Chairman of Mukand Sumi Metal Processing Limited Mukand Ltd is the leading Indian manufacturer of alloy, stainless steels and heavy industrial equipment with revenues exceeding Rs. 3000.

Patna Pirates Team owner Daughter
Image Source : Econmic times
Mr. Shah Daughter , Son , Wife and Daughter in law
Patna Pirates Team owner Daughter
Image Source : Economic times

This is all about Patna Pirates team owner Rajesh V shah.

And the girl about whom you guys are looking for, who cheers for Patna Pirate team this year.

Patna Pirate Team Lady , Pardeep Narwal Wife  Oprator Sanjana Rishi

Are you looking for this lady of Patna Pirate? well, she is Sanjana Rishi who is a team operator for Patna Pirate team, she is the one who looks after the team and players of the team. She is a sports management professional.

Rajesh Shah , Patna Pirate Owner Daughter She had also been associated with Delhi daredevil team in the past.