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Mirzapur Season 3: The stage is set for counter revenge [ Date – Plot – Insights]

Mirzapur Seaon 2 review
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Mirzapur season 3, stage is set.

Yes While Mirzapur Seaon 2  was all about Guddus & Golu’s revange, the makers of Mirzapur has made sure that they build a solid foundation for Mirzapur Season 3.

The stage is all set for Mirzapur Season 3. and in this season not just one many revenge ll take place.

Tyagi’s of Bihar will take revange for their “Chote “

Dadda Tyagi has just lost his younger son in Season 2, and they blame Golu for the same as she try to gain advantage of Younger Tyagi’s love. Dadda Tyagi is Bahubali from Bihar. And does a Alcohal & Gun selling.

Maqbool will take Babar’s & his mohter revange

Maqbool is being blamed for killing of Akhanda’s father, but Munna killed Babar & Moqbools Mother, & Akhanda took side of his son not Maqbool. Moqbool May be planning to take revenge from Akhanda. ( If he is alive ).

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JP Yadav will take revenge for conspiracy against him.

JP Yadav was happy for becoming a CM but Akhanda with conspiracy devoid him from becoming CM. After that he wasnt seen in season 2, He  may come back to take revenge from Akhanda.

Madhuri Yadav Tripathi will take revenge of Munna

The daughter of CM Surpya Pratap Yadav and wife of Munna Tripathi, who is been killed  by Guudu & Golu, will take Munna’s revenge and mind you she is CM of UP now the most powerful person in the plot.

Mirzapur Acting review
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Sharad Shukla will take revenge of Ratinath Shukla

The Jaunpur Bahubali, Sharad shukhla’s revange for father from Akhanda & Guddu is still pending. Sharad is smart witty & tactful, he ll play prominent part in season 3.

& finally Kalin Bhaiya vs Guddu Pandit.

And the final showdown between Kaalin Bhaiya & Guddu Pandit is still left. Kalin ll want to revenge his son Munna’s Killing and Guddu will want to sustain at Mirzapur throne and fulfill the revenge of Babu & Swety by killing Akhanda Nand tripathi


Will there be another series of Mirzapur?

At the moment, Amazon Prime Video has not made an official announcement regarding the third season of Mirzapur.

The second series of the Indian crime thriller only premiered on Amazon Prime on (Friday, October 23), so it is still early days for any decision to be made. But the Season 2 of Mirzapur set the tone clear that there will be 3rd season of Mirzapur. As I mentioned above there many loose connection & revenge are left out.