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Now AAP Leader Bhagwant Mann Got Angry With Boss Kejriwal !

Bhagwant Mann Again In Trouble – FI R Registered
Image Source : www.dailymail.co.uk

The problem for AAP party seems not coming down, they seems to loosing ground in Punjab day by day. Now AAP leader and biggest face of AAP Punjab ” Bhagwant Mann ” is reportedly angry with party, he is been missing since kejriwal’s moga rally.

Currently no one knows where Bhagwant mann sahab is. He is not even posting in his social media page.Given the huge following he has on social media – some 15 lakh followers on Facebook – many are seeing this as very unusual.

He was supposed  to join Friday rally in Fridkot, as he has given his full consent to attend, but did not turn up even as other senior leaders, including Faridkot MP Sadhu Singh and party affairs in-charge Sanjay Singh, turned up.

When asked by the reporters, AAP party leader Sanjay Singh told “”He has been working tirelessly for the party and absence from the odd public meeting should not be misread.”.

Angry with Barer entry

Reports are suggesting that Bhagwant mann is angry over jagmeet Brar, a former congress strong men entry to the party. Jagmeet Brar has seprated from congress and formed new party called ” Lokhit Abhiyan Morcha “, which extended support to Kejriwal, in Moga rally, which did not go well with Mann.

There is another report, which is suggesting that due to the rift with party leader H.s. Phoolka over ticket distribution, Mann has distances him self from the party to put pressure on the party over giving tickets to his aide.

AAP party has already done a big damage by removing Sucha Singh Chhotepur, and if Maan gets angry to the party it will biggest loss for party.