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Pro Kabaddi league 2018: Complete time table, venues & fixture


ProKabaddi season 6 is going to take place from 5th of October 2018, 1st match ll be played between Tamil Thalaiva and Telugu Titans at Chennai. fans are getting restless to see the new addition of their fav. sports league. This season is completely different then last season as many players have shuffled their team, many teams have new captains and completely new set of player. Like Anup Kumar, the ‘Captain Cool’ of U Mumba for the last 5 seasons, who has moved to Jaipur Pink Panthers this season,  Monu Goyat last year’s star from #Patna pirate will wear the jersey of Hariyana Steelers and Manjeet Chiller will play from Tamil Thaliavas.

The playing format of the league and teams are same as the last edition of the game, The 12 participating teams have been divided into two zones of six teams each, where each team will be playing a set of 15 intra-zone and 7 inter-zone matches, prior to the playoffs.

The play-offs stage will comprise of 3 eliminators, 2 qualifiers and the finals scheduled to take place in Mumbai.

Zone A consist of : Jaipur Pink Panthar, Hariyana , Gujrat, Umumbai , Puneri Paltan, Dabang Delhi.


Zone B Consist of : Tamil Thaliva, Bangluru Bulls, Bengal Worrier, Telugu Titans, UP Yoddha , Patna Pirates.

5th October Chennai Tamil Thaliva  Vs Telugu Titian U Mumba vs Jaipur Pink Panthar
6th Oct Chennai Puneri Paltan Vs U Mumba Tamil Thalaiva Vs Patna Pirate
7th Oct Chennai Puneri Paltan Vs Hariyana Tamil Thalaiva Vs Up Yodda
8Th Oct Chennai Rest day Rest day
9th Oct Chennai Dabang Delhi Vs Gujrat Tamil Thalaiva Vs Telugu Titans
10 Oct  Chennai Jaipur Vs Delhi Tamil Thalaiva Vs Bangluru Bulls
11 Oct Chennai Tamil Thaliva Vs Bengal Worrier
12 Oct Hariyana Hariyana Steelers Vs Gujrat Patna Pirates VS UP Yoddha
13 Oct Hariyana Puneri Paltan Vs Dabang Delhi Hariyana Vs Mumbai
14 Oct Hariyana Telugu Titan Vs UP Yoddha Hariyana vs Pune
15 Oct Hriyana Rest day Rest day
16 Oct Hariyana Bengal Worrier Vs Telugu Titans Hariyana Vs Jaipur
17 Oct Hariyana Bengalore Vs Tamil thalaiva Hariyana Vs Mumbai
18 Oct Hariyana Hariyana Vs Delhi Puneri Paltan Vs Gujrat
19 Oct Pune Patna Vs Telugu Puneri Vs Jaipur
20 Oct Pune UP Yoddha Vs Bengal Worrier Puneri Vs Umumba
21 Oct Pune Dabang Delhi Vs Banglore Puneri Paltan Vs Banglore
22 Oct Pune Rest day Rest day
23 Oct Pune Mumbai Vs Telugu Puneri Paltan Vs Tamil Thalaiva
24 Oct Pune Banglore Vs Hariyana Puneri Paltan Vs UP Yoddha
25 Oct Patna Rest Day Rest Day
26 Oct Patna Patna Vs Telugu Titians Gujrat Vs Tamil Thalaiva
27 Oct Patna Jaipur Vs Bengal Worrier Patna Vs Mumbai
28 Oct Patna Delhi Vs Up Patna Vs Hariyana
29 Oct Patna Rest day Rest day
30 Oct Patna Gujarat FortuneGiants vs Puneri Paltan Patna Vs Telugu Titians
31 Oct Patna Pune  vs Dabang Delhi Patna Vs Banglore
1 Nov Patna Patna Vs Bengal Worrier
2 Nov Noida UP Vs Chennai Jaipur Vs Gujrat
3 Nov Noida Mumbai Vs Pune UP Vs Banglore
4 Nov Noida Delhi Vs Gujrat UP Vs Bengal Worrier
5 Nov Noida Rest day Rest day
6 Nov. Noida Jaipur VS Hariyana UP VS Hydrabad
7 Nov. Noida UP Vs Patna
8 Nov. Noida Hariyana Vs Delhi UP Vs Banguluru
9 Nov Mumbai Mumbai Vs Jaipur Bengal VS Telugu
10 Nov. Mumbai Patna Vs Bengal Mumbai Vs Gujrat
11 Nov. Mumbai Mumbai Vs Hariyana
12 Nov Mumbai Rest day Rest day
13 Nov Mumbai Pune Vs Hydrabad Mumbai Vs UP
14 Nov Mumbai Chennai Vs Hariyana Mumba Vs Banglore
15 Nov. Mumbai Patna Vs Delhi Mumbai Vs Chennai
16 Nov. Ahamdabad Gujrat Vs Bengal Jaipur Vs UP
17 Nov Ahamdabad Pune Vs Bengal Gujrat  vs Bengaluru Bulls
18 Nov Ahamdabad Bengaluru Bulls vs Jaipur Gujrat Vs UP
19 Nov Ahamdabad Rest day Rest day
20 Nov Ahamdabad Chennai Vs Hydrabad Gujrat Vs Delhi
21 Nov Ahamdabad Patna vs Cehnnai Gujrat Vs Mumbai
22 Nov Ahamdabad Haryana Steelers vs Gujrat
23 Nov Bangluru Bangluru  vs Bengal Jaipur Vs Puneri Paltan
24 Nov Bangluru Mumbai Vs Dlehi Bangluru  vs Chennai
25 Nov Bangluru Bangluru  vs Patna
26 Nov Bangluru Rest day Rest day
27 Nov Bangluru Delhi  vs Haryana Steelers Hydrabad  vs Bengaluru Bulls
28 Nov Bangluru Hariyana Vs Pune Bangluru  vs UP
29 Nov Bangluru Pune Vs Gujrat Bangluru vs Bengal
30 Nov Delhi Dabang Delhi vs Jaipur Chennai Vs Patna
1 Dec Delhi Delhi Vs Mumbai
2 Dec Delhi Mumbai Vs Gujrat Dabang Delhi vs Pune
3 Dec Delhi Rest day Rest day
4 Dec Delhi Gujarat FortuneGiants vs Patna Dabang Delhi vs Hydrabad
5 Dec Delhi Hariyana Vs Bengal Dabang Delhi vs Bangluru
6 Dec Delhi UP Vs Hariyana Dabang Delhi vs Chennai
7 Dec Hydrabad Hyderabad Vs Gujrat Pune  vs Patna Pirates
8 Dec Hydrabad Mumbai Vs Bengal Hydrabad  vs Jaipur Pink Panthers
9 Dec Hyderabad Jaipur Pink Panthers Vs Chennai Hydrabad  vs hariyana
10 Dec Rest day Rest day
11 Dec Hydrabad Dabang Delhi vs Mumbai Hyderabad Vs UP
12 Dec Hyderabad Haryana Vs Gujrat Hyderabad   vs Bangluru
13 Dec Hyderabad Hyderabad Vs Patna
14 Dec Jaipur Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Puneri Paltan Bengal Vs Chennai
15 Dec Jaipur UP Vs Chennai Jaipur Pink Panthers vs U Mumba
16 Dec Jaipur Patna Vs UP Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Gujrat
17 Dec Jaipur Rest day Rest day
18 Dec Jaipur Bangluru Vs Hyderabad Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Hariyana
19 Dec Jaipur Patna Vs banglore Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Gujrat
20 Dec Jaipur Jaipur Vs Delhi
21 Dec Kolkata Wild card
22 Dec  Kolkata Wildcard Bengal Vs Patna
23 Dec Kolkata Wildcard Bengal Vs Chennai
24 Dec Kolkata Restday Rest day
25 Dec Kolkata Wildcard Bengal Vs Hyderabad
26 Dec Kolkata Wildcard Bengal Vs Bengaluru
27 Dec Kolkata Wildcard Bengal Vs UP
28 Dec Rest Day Rest Day
29 Dec Rest day Rest day
1 Jan Rest day Rest day
2 Jan Rest day Rest day
3 Jan Mumbai ELIMINATOR 2
4 Jan Mumbai Rest day Rest day
5 Jan Chennai Final