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Rahul Gandhi Should Focus On Alu Ki Factory Instead of Issue National Security : Amit Shah

Amit Shah
Image Source : hindi.cobrapost.com

After the controversial statement made by Rahul Gandhi last evening in Uttar Pradesh, that BJP is doing ” Khoon ki Dalali” over the issue of surgical Strike made by Indian Army. Today Amit Shah, has hit out at Congress party and Rahul Gandhi in the  press conference held at new Delhi.

Amit Shah said Rahul Gandhi and Gandhi family is very familiar to Dalali ( Corruption ), that is why they are using this word. Amit Shah also mention, that it is very unfortunate that congress is disrespecting our Indian army.

Shah  also lashed out to kejriwal. He said by raising doubt on surgical strikes, Kejriwal has become the hero of Pakistan.

BJP President, also retreated  that BJP is standing behind the Indian Army and Indian people. Our borders are fully secured in the hands of our Army  and We are ready to face any situation.

He also took a dig at Rahul Gandhi by saying, Rahul Gandhi should focus on, more important issues like  “Alu Ki Factory ” than the issue of National security.

On the BJP’s poster issue, Amit Shah said ” our Karyakarta are happy and some district level politician has put out some poster. And i don’t think, any thing wrong in that. Our senior leaders haven’t done any for chest thumping, unlike congress who in 1971 presented  Indira Gandhi like goddess.

He also said that other parties should restraint them self, for doing politics over the issue of national security.

On the question of whether surgical strike happen or not. Amit shah said, the nervousness of Pak and pak PM is the deviance, that strike had happen. And we have full faith in our Army.