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Ramnath Kovind Becomes the 14th President of India : Glimpse of Ramnath Kovind Profile

Ramnath Kovind becomes the Indian President
Image Source : indianexpress.com

Ramnath kovind becomes the 14th president of the Republic of India. He wins over UPA candidate Meria Kumar with high margin votes. Ramnath kovind was NDA nominated candidate from BJP.

Let’s see the complete introduction of Ramnath Kovind

Ram Nathkovind born in Parakh village in Kanpur village in 1945, he did do LLB after B.Com and then started his career as a Supreme Court lawyer. After the emergency when Janta party has thrown the Congress out of power in 1977. Morarji Desai became the Prime Minister on behalf of the Janata Party and Kovid his personal secretary.

This was the time when Kovid came in contact with BJP leadership, Janta party was almost dismantled by 1992 but the future path of Ramnath kovind was set.

In 1991, the party gave him a Lok Sabha ticket from Ghatampur, but Kovid lost the election. Ghatampur was a  Reserve seat, on which Keshari Lal from  Janata Dal came 1stwith  1,39,560 votes, while Ram Nath Kovid did not win the election got second with 95,913  despite the wave of Ram Mandi he could not win. However, the party sent him to the Rajya Sabha in 1993 after three years.

 When  Kovid ended he second term as a Rajya Sabha MP in 2006, BJP wanted him to keep on active in politics made him contest from Bhognipur seat  At that time his age was 60 and  He got 26,549 votes and lost the battle with Raghunath Prasad of BSP.

According to the reports, he had requested for a ticket from Uri-Jalone in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, but this time party did not make him a candidate. When the DY Patil term got over as Bihar governor, the BJP top brass sends Kovind as governor of Bihar. Kovind came in the lime light when the stooped  Lalu’s son from taking the oath for pronouncing wrong.

Kovind is a simple person, in his entire political career did have any personal allegation, he comes with the RSS background, which makes him a first person to be the President from RSS.