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Reasons why “AAM AADMI PARTY” (AAP) Future is bleak in Punjab !

Kejriwal Punjab Election
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In this election season, the most interesting battle is going on in Punjab. Where three way contest is going on between Akali – Congress & AAP.  It is also a important election because it will decide whether Arvind Kejriwal will be crucial role in 2019 General election or Not.

In Last general election of 2014, AAP got 4 seat & that was from Punjab only, Since than AAP is very hopeful from Punjab election. Initially they were looking strong as well, but now situation have change so dramatically that now AAM AADMI PARTY” (AAP) Future looks  bleak in Punjab. Reasons why we say this is written below.

Reasons why “AAM AADMI PARTY” (AAP) Future is bleak in Punjab.

1No Strong Local Leader

AAP does not have any strong local leader in Punjab, especially Sikh, Bhagwant Maan and Jarneil Singh are famous only in Small pocket of Malda region. AAP is lacking strong Sikh leader, who has pan Punjab influence like Amrinder Singh and Navjot Singh Sidhu has.

2Strong Congress

It’s been seen that, congress’s and AAP voter is more o less same. AAP has emerged strong where congress is weak, like we have seen it in Delhi, where Shila Dixit govt. was dealing with strong anti incumbency and all traditional voters of Congress, shifted to AAP and AAP got huge victory there. Same was the case during 2014 Loksabha election, where there was strong anti incumbency for UPA central govt. run by Manmohan singh, but scenario is not same this time in Punjab.  Anti incumbency is not for congress here and Punjab state congress seems very decisive under Cpt. Amrindar Singh. So it seems difficult for AAP to snatch votes from Congress.

3No CM Face for AAP

Badal’s are very prominent face of Punjab so as Cpt. Amrindar Singh, who has vast experience of running important states like Punjab for decades. AAP party is failing behind these two prominent  CM candidate. No CM face for AAP is creating confusion among people of Punjab and AAP party cadre, Which will ultimately  harm AAM AADMI Party prospect in Punjab.

4Fighting Within AAP Party

Fighting within AAP party is major issue, which damaging AAP more then their opponent would do. We have seen mass resignation from Punjab AAP volunteer last week, H. S Phoolka , Bhagwant Mann , Jernail Singh three top leader of AAP fighting for CM Post. Succha Singh Chootepur a credible face which was backbone of AAP winning 4 lokasabha seat in 2014 has left the party.These infighting of AAP would effect them badly in this assembly election.

5Hariyana Credential of Arvind Kejriwal

Punjab has many differences on different issue’s with Hariyana. Punjab do not share good relation with Hariyana. Many believe that Arvind Kejriwal himself willing to take CM post of Punjab, & he hails from Hariyana. This Hariyana credential of Arvind Kejriwal is an issue which both Congress and BJP is leveraging upon in Punjab election.