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Strength & Weakness of Both the finalist of Pro Kabaddi Patna Pirates & Gujarat Fortune Gaines.

Strength & Weakness of Both the finalist of Pro Kabaddi Patna Pirates & Gujarat Fortune Gaines.

Both Patna Pirates & Gujarat Fortune Giant have reached the finals of Pro-Kabaddi season 5. In a long season of Pro Kabaddi, both the teams have played exceptionally well and defeated other teams to reach the final.

Both the team has different strengths and weaknesses, which they will use in the game which will held tomorrow.

So let’s see what are the strength, weakness & key player of both the teams are.

Gujrat Fortune Giants Strength, weakness & Key Player

Gujrat Fortune Giants are one of the most balanced sides of Pro Kabaddi this season, this is the main reason why they have been able to reach the final in their 1st season itself. But the major success they get due to their defense, which is been led by two Iranian namely Fazal Atrachali & Abozar, they are the key defenders of Gujrat Pro Kabaddi team. Where abozar is the finest player in ankle hold the Fazal is best in dashing & back hold. Other then these two defenders, Gujarat is getting great support from Parvesh Baishwal & Sunil Kumar from in the defensive line.

The raiding department of Gujarat is led by a new boy from Rajasthan, Sachin & Mahindra Rajput. Everyone before the season did not even heard the name of these to the class player, everyone had thought the raiding department of Gujarat will have only Sukesh Hegde but even not much help from Sukesh the Gujrat Raiding team is doing great.

Strength :

  1. Strong Defence
  2. Balanced side
  3. Decent attack force
  4. Coach ( Mandeep Singh ) knowledge about Patna Pirate as he was part of Patna in season 3.
  5. Won all matches against Patna in this season.
  6. Great performance from newcomers.


  1.  Little inexperience in raiding department.
  2. Not experienced in taking the pressure of Final.

Key Players

  • Fazal Atrachali
  • Abozar
  • Parvesh Baishwal
  • Sachin

Patna Pirate Strength, weakness & Key Player

Patna has played an exceptionally well, especially in playoffs. Patna team has made the most number of records this season. Their main asset is Pardeep Narwal, who is a Kabaddi in himself. I personally have never seen a player like him since season 3 when he got a chance to play from Patna, he has turned around Patna team wonderfully. He loves to play in a pressure situation so as Patna. Other then Pardeep Monu Goyat will be the main player of Patna as far as raiding is a concern with Pardeep.

The defense is really weak of Patna, all their record has been made in raiding department only. The form of Vishal mane is highly inconsistent and SachinShingade is completely out of form.  But they have got good support from newcomer Vijay and Jaideep in Defence, but they are not as capable as Fazal and Abozar.


  1.  Ability to perform in a pressure game.
  2. Experience of playing 2 final & 3 semi’s.
  3. Form of Pardeep Narwal can destroy any team.


  1.  Defence line is weak.
  2. The inconsistency of some senior player like Vishal Mane.
  3. Have not won any game against Gujarat this season.

Key Players of Patna Pirates for finals

  • Pardeep Narwal
  • Monu Goyat
  • Vijay
  • Jawahar Dagar

Let’s see who holds the nerves till the ends like cricket Kabaddi is also the game of uncertainty anyone can beat any team with 3-4 min of the great game. We will update you with the happening of Pro Kabaddi keep on visiting yuvaspeak.com

Write us what do you feel who will win the final?