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Vladimir Putin is set to win his fourth term as Russian president with massive 74 % Vote

Putin wins fourth term as russion president till 2024
Image Source : President of Russia

Early results and an exit poll showed that Vladimir Putin to easily win a fourth term as Russia’s president with 74% voting in his favor, adding six years in the Kremlin for the man who has led the world’s largest country for all of the 21st centuries. This victory makes him first Russian leader to serve two decades in power since Josef Stalin.

“Thank you for your support,” Putin told crowds on Manezhnaya Square just under the Kremlin walls, wearing a black down jacket with a fur hood. “Everyone who voted today is part of our big, national team.”

In this election, he got massive 74-75% of the total voting which breaks his own 2004 records. his closest rivals, communist Pavel Grudinin got (11.2 percent), ultranationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky got (6.7 percent), and four other also-rans.

In his next six years in office, the prime focus of Russian prime minister in the office would be asserting more power abroad more  Just weeks before the election, he announced that Russia has developed advanced nuclear weapons capable of evading missile defenses. The Russian military campaign that bolsters the Syrian government is clearly aimed at strengthening Russia’s foothold in the Middle East and Russia eagerly eyes possible reconciliation on the Korean Peninsula as a lucrative economic opportunity. He is currently also facing the charge of the poisingng double former Russian double agents in Britain and subsequently calling off diplomatic ties with Britain.

There is also some homegrown challenge with Putin may have a tackle in his next term as Russian president.

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