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What is Cambridge Analytica Facebook data breach & how it is connected to Indian political Party

What is Cambridge Analytica Facebook data breach & how it is connected to Indian political Party
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In a recent controversy related to the Facebook data breach, it seems that it has become a hot topic in Indian political circuit. Social media amplified life now, more and more people are getting connected to social media. Let’s understand what is this scandal is all about.

What is Cambridge analytica

Cambridge analytica is a communication specialist company helps, firms and political party to achieve their communication and marketing objective. This includes Data gathering, profiling, segmenting, massaging, persuading & more.

It helps the organization to persuade people to behave in the desired way.

How Cambridge analytica stole Facebook Data.?

Cambridge Analytica did not steal any data directly from Facebook, Mr. Kogan from Cambridge University made a psychometric app which took data ( with permission of its users ) to generate the desired result.  Mr. Kogan took almost 50 million data from his app users and their friendslist, & sold it to Cambridge analytica.( Which is illegal as per facebook developer policy)

How Cambridge Analytica used those data :

In many ways, these communication firm can use the data to change target particular set of people with certain massages and another set of people with another message, to change their behavior to suit their client. For example, if you are a religious person they can ignite your inner self with some religious messages.

What is the fault of Facebook

 Facebook was not able to put check on its developers so they can not use user data, Facebook could have contained the user information it shares with the app developer. Even after knowing that breach has happened Facebook did not take any bold step or inform the user about it.

What do Indian politician have to do with this breach.

While making a statement on press Indian IT minister has warned Social media Gaint for misusing the user data (if any ) has happened. Simultaneously he also made the claim that Congress has also taken service of Cambridge analytica for 2019. After this congress party hit back saying ” It does not have anything to hide, Congress Party has not hired CA for 2019.  Congress also alleged that BJP took service of Cambridge analytica in 2014 and BJP is also a client for Indian wing Ovleno associated with Cambridge Analytica which is headed by Amresh Tyagi son of K.C.Tyagi.

We do not know whose claim is correct, but we are certain that all party uses Data, whether its obtain from Facebook or from any other source. Privacy has no place in today’s time. A stringent law should be made to contain the privacy breach & user needs to be aware as to which app they are using and how that developer is using their data.