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Who is in Whose camp in Samajwadi Party’s Pari”war” fight : Exclusive

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In an ugly fight in Uttar pradesh’s biggest political family, Samanwadi party, is getting murkier day by day.Today Shivpal yadav suspended Pawan Pandey ( Close aide of Akhilesh Yadav ). To understand this fight, we need to see these two camps very closely that ” Who is with Whom in Samajhwadi Pariwar battle”

“Akhilesh’s Camp”

In fight with his uncle and father, Akhilesh yadav is not alone, He has a strong support of :-

Ram Gopal Yadav : Ram Gopal is a cousin of Mulayam singh Yadav, Currently  expelled from the party for 6 year. He is strong supporter of Akhilesh Yadav, He want to see him as a party head. Ram gopal was Rajya Sabaha member from S.P and a very knowledgeable person.

Dimple Yadav : Dimple Yadav wife of Akhilesh and lok shabaha MP from Kannuj district of UP.

Akhshey Yadav : Akshey Yadav is a son of Ram gopal and Member of Parliament from Firozabad. He works with Akhilesh and Ram gopal Yadav.

Darmendra Yadav : An MP from Badaun,  nephew of Mulayam singh Yadav, very strong supporter of Akhilesh.

Pawan Pandey : Pawan Pandey is an MLA and a strong supporter of Akhilesh Yadav. currently expelled.

Naresh Agrawal : Naresh Agrawal is a Rajya Shabaha MP from SP. He comes from the Hardoi district of UP and a very firm supporter of Akhilesh Yadav.

Shivpal Yadav’s Camp 

Shivpal Yadav the Smajwadi Party president from UP. also has different strong person from family and party supporting him.

Mulayam Singh Yadav : National Chief and father of Akhilesh is backing his brother strongly.

Sadhna Gupta : 2nd wife of Mulayam and seems a reason behind this all fight with in Yadav parivar.

Prateek Yadav : Prateek yadav son of Sadhna Yadav and Mulayam, step brother of Akhilesh. currently not in politics but making inroads.

Aparna Yadav : Wife of Prateek Yadav and a social worker, a declared candidate from Lucknow cantonment seat for UP 2017 election. She is visibly with Shivpal Yadav camp.

Sarla Yadav : Wife of Shivpal yadav, strongly backing wife and Sadhna Gupta, allegedly fuels Sadhana’s plan to replace Prateek or Arpana with Akhilesh Yadav.

Amar Singh : Amar Singh, a friend of Mulayam Singh yadav and Rajaya Sabha MP from SP. He is the one who is being allegedly fueling the parivar fight. Amar singh allegedly working for Sadhna Gupta’s plan to replace Akhilesh with Prateek or Aparna.

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