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10 unknown fact about Indian republic day – <3 for India

Unknown fact about Indian Republic
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It’s known fact to all that India is a largest  democracy in all over the world and republic day is one of the biggest festival of this Indian democracy. but do you know the different aspects and fact about  of our Indian republic ? let’s see some of the facts about Indian republic day.

  • Indian republic day is basically three day festivals, which start on 26 of January and end’s with beating retreat on 29th of January at Raisena hills ( Indian presidential home ) and Vijay Chouk Delhi.
  • From 1950 to 2016 only two times the beating retreat is being canceled, 1st due to unfortunate death of 8th Indian president venkat raman and 2nd time in 2001 tragic event of Gujrat earth quake.
Unknown fact about Indian Republic
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  •  The end of beating retreat is  done with the tune of ” Abide With Me ” which is one of the best music tune in the world.
  • Indian constitution for which the republic day is being celebrated is the world biggest constitution and a common person can’t read it in one day.
  • In India on republic the president gives his speech to the Nation and on 15th of august PM gives speech from red-fort.
Unknown fact about Indian Republic
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  • In the country only two original copies of constitution is kept, one is in English and other in Hindi. No real copy of any other language is been made.
  • Late. Mr. Bheem Rao amedkar was the chief of Indian constitution  committee.
  • It’s been made in 2 years, 11 month’s and 18 day’s and around 166 meeting held to come up with the final draft of Indian constitution.
  • It’s been adopted in 26 November 1949 and implemented in 26 januaury 1950. It’s a same date on which in 1930 congress started “Purna swaraj” agitation.
  • A majority of national awards such as Bharat Ratna, Padma Bhushan and Kirti Chakra are awarded during the Republic Day ceremony.
Unknown fact about Indian Republic
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  • And 26 january is not only Indian republic day but also a National day for Australia.