13 dead and 100 wounded after ISIS’s terrorist attacks in Barcelona, Sapin .

    ISIS attack in Barcelona spain
    Image Source : Daily Express

    After an attack took place in Barcelona city of Spain in the street by the ISIS lone wolf attackers, At about 5pm local time on Thursday, a white Fiat van veered off the road and into a crowd outside the Plaça de Catalunya metro station. The van continued down the pedestrian concourse in Las Ramblas, a popular area in the heart of Barcelona, for more than 500 metres while crashing into pedestrians until it hit a newspaper kiosk. the Authorities confirmed that there were 13 dead and at least 100 injured.

    The attack took place at Las Ramblas boulevard which is a famous tourist place of Barcelona. Police say the incident is being treated as a terrorist attack and the perpetrator is still at-large and now ISIS has taken responsibility of the attack. Three people have been arrested in related to this case, investigation is still on.

    After the attack people from all over the world have condemn such incident and blaming extreme Islamism fo such acts.

    It need to mention that, after the rise of ISIS the rise of Wahabi and salafi Islam has grown all over the world, which believes  in Jihad and misrepresent the true Islam which has become great concern for all the nation of the world .