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7 most promising looking newcomer of Pro Kabaddi 2017 : PKL 5 7 Best new players

7 most promising looking newcomer of Pro Kabaddi 2017 : PKL 5 7 Best new players
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The Pro Kabaddi new season has started and the second leg of this season is all most over. There are many new players have joined Pro Kabaddi this season, as there is four new team in the fray. Let’s some of the most promising looking new players of Pro Kabaddi 2017.

Vikas ( Telugu Titans )

Vikas Kumar Telugu Titians Best new Kabaddi player

Vikas Kumar from Telugu Titans has taken 17 raid point and 4 tackle point in 6 matches he has played. He has been a great support to Rahul Chaudhary and Nilesh Salunke in previous games.

Vishal Bharadwaj ( Telugu Titans )

Vishal Bharadwarj  Telugu Titians Best new Kabaddi player

Vishal Bharadwaj is best found for Telugu Titans in last 4 season, he is a great defender very gusty in ankle hold and back hold. He has got a 17 point in 6 matches all from tackling only.

Vikas Kandola ( Hariyana Steelers )

Vikas Kandola Hariyaana Steelers Best new Kabaddi player

Haryana is the land of Kabaddi talent, this year this team has got Vikas kandola as their main invention. Vikas has become a prime raider from Haryana team in his starting day’s only. In just 2 games he has played, he got 13 points which are quite impressive.

Mahindar Singh ( Benguluru Bulls )

Mahindar Singh Bangulurur Bulls Best new Kabaddi player

The left corner of Banguluru bulls does not afraid of holding ankle of any big raider. His back hold is so powerful that, he has been able to stop Nitin Tomar alone. Yes, Mahinder Singh is a great defender, who has  join Banguluru bulls this year, has got 12 points in four matches he played.

MANINDER SINGH ( Bengal Worrier )

Manindar Singh Bengal Worrier ls Best new Kabaddi player

Maninder Singh, who played a half season in the 1st edition of Pro Kabaddi but got injured. Now he again came to play and this time with Bengal Worrier. He has impressed everyone in two matches he manages to got 17 total point. With the kind of form Maninder Singh is in, Bengal looks very prominent this season.

Vinod Kumar

Vinod Kumar Patna Pirate ls Best new Kabaddi player

Patna always brings the great player’s on the table, This time Vinod Kumar is making a sensation in Pro Kabaddi, in only 2 matches he played, he got a 8 point and proof to be a quality player for Patna after Pardeep and Monu Goyat. Vinod is new to Pro Kabaddi but not in Kabaddi Circut he is a player from services and plays great in National games.

Surindar Singh ( Umumba )

Surindar Singh U mumba ls Best new Kabaddi player

Surinder Singh has played 1st two matches as a substitute and one match as a playing 7.  Surinder has impressed everyone in the Kabaddi circuits. He is a gutsy defender very strong in a corner area, Do not afraid of talking any bigger raider. We are sure he ll grow further under the guidance of Anup Kumar.


These are some of the new players of Pro Kabaddi, who are very impressive in their initial day’s of Pro Kabaddi, let’s see how many more star will be born in this season of Pro Kabaddi.