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If war broke out with China in Tibbat, Indian Air Force will destroy Chinese army

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Looking at constant threats from China after Doklam border dispute between India & China over the past few days, the situation has become very tense between the two countries. On one hand, where China is constantly threatening India with war, India has also made its intention about not withdrawing its army from the deployment of its troops at Dokalmal. In such a case, everyone has a question about what will happen if China attacks Indian.  But let me tell you that if the status of war with China is made in Tibet, then Indian Air Force aircraft will destroy all the chinse army and air force.

Sameer Joshi, a former Squadron Leader of Indian Air Force, has revealed in one of his documents that if this war break out in Tibet, then there are many advantages which are in favor of India and Indian army with which India can easily defeat Chinese soldiers. According to the news published in the Indian Defense Update website, the name of this document is ‘The Dragon’s Claws: Assessing China’s PLAAF Today’. In which former Squadron Leader Joshi has analyzed Indian Air Force and Chinese Air Force in Tibet’s situation. These documents are going to be published soon.

Squadron Leader Sameer Joshi has mentioned in his document that, if geographically viewed both China and Bhutan, then both are quite different. While China’s main air base is very high, on the other hand,  Tibet Autonomous Region due to which China aircraft have to face extreme adverse climate conditions in tibbat regain.  which the effective increase the payload of Chinese aircraft and the capacity of the military operation is greatly reduced. Due to which the strength of Chinese air force becomes very weak.

On the other hand, if we talk about Indian Air Force, then there are 4 airbanks in the North East. The height of these four airbases is close to the sea level which matches the condition of Tibbat. Means capable of taking advantage of the geographical conditions in Tibet  Region of the IAF. This is because Joshi believes that Doklam the issue is a collision of India and China could easily knock out the IAF China.