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Arvind Kejriwal’s ‘tongue too big for his mouth’ Says Narayana Health City Doctor’s

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Image Source : www.insistpost.com

Yes Kejriwal’s tongue was too big for his mouth, it is being said by, Narayana Health City hospital doctors.

Kejriwal went a five-hour throat surgery at a private hospital in Bengaluru for his problem of  persistent cough.

Delhi CM Kejriwal was facing persistent cough problem since many years, some month back PM Narendra Modi has also suggested him some doctor’s  to solve his cough problem.

Due to this cough problem he had to wear a muffler, to keep his throat warm. Which led to the leading to endless memes on him with muffler.

Doctors of Narayana health city  said the initial investigation was done, with the  pattern of Kejriwal’s bouts of coughing and extensive imaging.

“He coughed because his enlarged soft palate and uvula (fleshy hanging extension at the back of the soft palate) and a slightly larger tongue caused kinematic problems and made it difficult for his tongue to move freely in the restricted space,” said the doctor. Source 

In a laymen language , Kejriwal had a bigger tongue then it was required, which is been corrected through surgery.

Because of this surgery , Arvind Kejriwal would not be able to speak for some day’s. It is to note that Kejriwal is A diabetic.

Kejriwal, 48, is likely to be in the hospital for about a week under medical observation.