Home Politics Shivpal Yadav resigns from Akhilesh Yadav cabinet

Shivpal Yadav resigns from Akhilesh Yadav cabinet

Shivpal Yadav resigns from Akhilesh Yadav cabinet
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Latest news coming from UP, that Mulayam Singh’s brother and Samajwadi Party Chief Shivpal Yadaw resigns  from the Party and cabinet.

It, was being said that after meeting with Samaj Wadi Party chief Mulayam Singh, everything will get fine in Samaj Wadi Party.

But the things have got turns uglier, as Shivpal has resigns from all post of party and cabinet.

Earlier today, Rampal gave a statement in the support of Akhilesh, and said that Akhilesh should not be removed from the party president post. and if its being done he should be taken into consideration.

Shivpal was considered as a partys strong man, who is very popular in the party cadre, he was made party president yesterday by Mulayam singh Yadav. After meeting with Mulayam, Shivpal has said ” Every thing is fine with the party, we will fight 2017 election together, under the leadership of Neta ji (Mulayam ).

But his sudden resignation from the party, it  seems to be a biggest set back for Samajwadi party, as only 6 month to go for election in UP & this bickering into the party will hurt the party badly.

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