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Ashoka’s Nine Unknown Men

Ashoka Nine Unknown Men

Ashoka Nine Unknown Men

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Indian History

India one of the biggest countries in the world map with rich historical background and excellent cultural heritage that cannot be matched with any country of the world. Going back to 5000 years ago, starting with the Indus valley civilization, one of the oldest and most flourished civilizations of the world. The civilization also marks the establishment of trade and many other relations with other civilizations. The civilization is developed in Mohenjo-daro, Harappa and Lothal. Indus valley civilization is followed by many other civilizations, arrivals of Aryans, scholars and many more and continued to pass from one era to another. The history of India has also witnessed the legacy of number of kings and queens from time to time or one can say that India has ruled under the kingdom ship of many kings and queens from time to time. These kings and queens have lived a lavish lifestyle and are well known for their dignity. At the time of their rule kings and queen have made number of monuments, nowadays has become biggest place of tourist attraction all around the country. Some of the names of kings and queens are named as Ashoka, Chalukyas, Mughals, Lodhis, Tughlaqs, Ghaznavis and many more. Each king during his rule has some untold stories related to his/her kingdom. One such story is related to Ashoka kingdom i.e. Ashoka and Nine Unknown Men.

About Ashoka

Ashoka Maurya also known as Ashoka and Ashoka the Great one of the greatest emperors of India belongs to the Maurya Dynasty. The term Ashoka also has a meaning which means painless “without sorrow. He was the grandson of Chandragupta Maurya, the founder of Maurya Dynasty. He ruled India from the period of 268 BC to 232 BC. During his 38 years of reign he has claimed from Afghanistan to Bangladesh. He has also covered all the Indian subcontinents except some of the newly formed states. Pataliputra, currently known as Bihar his capital whereas, Taxila and Ujjain are his provisional capitals. During his reign he has fight number of battles, Kalinga war is one of the biggest battles of his career which none of his ancestors fought. He died on 232 BC.

Untold Story of Ashoka Reign

Like other rulers reign, there is also one untold story found during the reign of Ashoka i.e. associated to the unknown nine men and has become very famous all around the globe from one era to another. Still no one is clear about the story that it is Truth or Myth. It is said that “Nine Unknown Men” had written nine different books and the feature of the books are that each book improving the relevant book. Each book has different Propaganda and is listed below.
First book focuses on Psychological warfare
Second book focuses on study of mechanical, physical and biochemical functions of different living organisms
Third Book focuses on study of Microbiology, and Biotechnology
Fourth book focuses on Alchemy, dealing in transmutation of metals and their secret properties
Fifth book focuses on studies all means of communications
Sixth book focuses on gravitation
Seventh book focuses on the study of Cosmology
Eight book deals with Light
Ninth book focuses on Sociology

Some interesting fact about Nine Unknown Men

It is the name of secret society created by Ashoka in 270 BC
It is the most powerful secret society
The society is formed after kalinga War
The 9 men have the responsibility of preserving, developing and preventing it from the hands of evil
Nine men have give one book each in order to protect it
Knowledge of past, present and natural science are kept secret during the Ashoka Rule
The knowledge guarded by secret society comprises of everything
Ashoka on the other hand have also charged this 9 men
These nine men are real and working for the good of humanity
Jagdish Chandra Bose was the believer of secret society
The Nine Unknown Men, continuously guard the book and also improve it from time to time

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