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Yoga Tips For Endocrine System And Fertility

Yoga Tips For Endocrine System And Fertility

Yoga Tips For Endocrine System And Fertility

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The term yoga derived from the Sanskrit word which means “yuja”. The word yoga simply means union of soul with spirit. It is an ancient science, originated in India about 2500 years ago. It is still effective and playing a major role in bringing health and well being of those who practice it regularly in a right way. Many people think yoga as a physical exercise as there are twists and turns but there are many styles which does not require twists and turns.

Benefits of Yoga

Maintenance of body
Removes Stress
Purify the blood
Relaxes and focuses the mind
Relief from diseases
Feeling Refreshed
Feeling Energized
Removes Hormonal Imbalance

How is Yoga useful for Endocrine System

After studying different benefits of yoga one can say that it is very useful to keep your body and different parts of your body fit. You play a major role in maintaining your health; it also helps to maintain our different system as well. Endocrine system one of the most important systems in human body controlling and regulating hormones required for growth and development of the human body. Endocrine system can be defined as a collection of glands, secreting a chemical called hormones, required for growth and development of the human body.

Importance of Endocrine System

Helps to maintain body balance
Maintain Metabolism
Regulates Growth and development
Regulates Mental Growth
Maintain Mineral Balance
Regulates Heart Rate
Maintain Sleeping Cycle
Due to frenzied and busy lifestyle, hormonal problem is nowadays very common both in man and women. Some of the most common hormonal disorders in man are Erectile dysfunction, Hair loss, Low libido and much more where as common hormonal disorders in women are Increasing in cortisol level, insulin deficiency early puberty and much more. With yoga one can also come overcome with these disorders and some of the tips and are listed below.
Pranayam: It shows a very good effect on the endocrine system. It means stretching , modifying and lengthening the breath. It shows the dual effect as it controls your body and mind and on the other hand supply more oxygen to the blood, which play a major role in better functioning of brain and hypothalamus.

Yog Nidra: It will play a major part in controlling stress and emotion. It will improve the function of the brain and hypothalamus, which will lead to the proper functioning of hypothalamus , pituitary and other endocrine glands.

Yogic Poses: Standing with forward bend will increase the blood flow to the brain, which improves the functioning of the brain, hypothalamus and many glands namely pituitary and pineal gland.
How is Yoga useful for Fertility
Yoga is very useful in boosting or improving fertility. For a woman to become a mother is one of the biggest desire, but behind this there are lots of biological functions involved. Getting pregnant for a woman is not difficult, but the most difficult thing is the other side of it that is called infertility. The main reason of infertility is stress, anxiety, depression and guilt. Yoga is the key in order to get relief from these

Importance of Yoga

Reduces Stress: Yoga plays a major role in reducing stress and achieving peace of mind which on the other hand increases fertility.
Increase the circulation: In some cases of fertility blocking is also the major factor with yoga one can improve the blood circulation and blood will reach to the reproductive organs boosting chances of fertility.
Detoxify the body: With different yoga poses one can detoxify wastes from the body which boost the fertility.
Improves the immune system: It is one of the best ways to improve immune system, hence the improved immune system will beat infertility and promote fertility.
Make the ovary healthy: The number of yoga posses provides blood to reach the ovaries providing all the essential requirements like oxygen and making it healthier.
Useful in hormonal treatment: With yoga one can reduce the negative effects of hormonal treatment which promotes fertility.
There are various poses in yoga known which play a major role in boosting fertility and they are listed below.

Nadi Shodhan pranayama:

This breathing technique calm your mind & body by releasing the stress and by being stress free it makes the body more fertile.
Bhramari pranayama: This technique relieves the tension, anger and anxiety of the body, thus increasing the chance of conception.


This technique stretches the lower back, hips and hamstrings, which stimulates the uterus, ovaries and promote conceiving. With this technique one can improve the level of fertility.
Hastapadasana: This technique stretches all your back muscles which improve the blood circulation to the nervous system, making your spine more flexible relieving stress from the abdomen region.
Janu Shirasana: This technique stretches the back muscles, which is very useful at the time of pregnancy.


This technique stretches joints, knees, thigh. This technique helps in smooth delivery in case of late pregnancy, if practiced regularly.
Viparita Karani (Legs up the wall pose): The technique stretches the back of the neck, front and back of the leg as well.The technique also gives relief from backache which helps to regulate the blood flow. One of the advantages of this technique is that it increases the chance of conception with a decent fertility rate.
These are some yoga techniques which play a major role in increasing fertility, apart from these there are many techniques also known.
With the help of this blog one can completely understand the importance of Yoga for endocrine system and fertility.