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Lime Stone (Chuna ) Best medicine for increasing fertility and impotency

Natural lime stone health benefit
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Lime Stone Calcium carbonate . It is most useful element for our body. Generally in India people use chuna with Pan (leaf) (Pan is the one of the most popular mukhwas using in India). Calcium carbonate. 

Natural lime stone has a power to cure all most 70 diseases in the body, which includes arthritis, joint pain, Impotency , infertility. Natural lime stone helps in creating eggs inside the body of women. It also solve the problem related to menstruation. It also helps in increasing memory power also helps in women to deliver baby normally.

It is very helpful in curing the problem of spondylitis . 

How to take it ?

Take a single wheat size lime stone or a Pinch lime stone (Natural ) Power, and take it either with yogurt or Milk or even you can take it with hot water.

Women who are expecting baby’s , they can take it with  Pomegranate juice. it will help in delivering baby normal as well as the baby will be intelligent and strong mentally.

In the case of lower sperm count, this white substance ‘chuna’ is a very good option. In a glass of sugarcane juice, mix a pinch of china and take this regularly.

The same therapy can be done with woman, who does not produces optimum egg cells.

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