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Some little known fact about Indian Media and their owners.

Some little known fact about Indian Media and their owners.
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As the news broke that AW the Italian company paid Christian  Christian Michel  6 Million Euros to ” Manage Indian Media” the question arises here is who got this money ? its  may the answer of the question that why Indian media looks so divided on the issues, why some media channel raise some issue’s very furiously and keep mum on other issue.

We have also seen it on Ishrat Jaha case as some of the media people have totally  blackout of the revelation made by David colemen a CIA double agent  and other bureaucrats.

After 1995 when television media revolution started in India many Corporates  jumped  into Tv  journalism business but instead of showing real news and assimilating all the view point and presenting it, news channels  became the  den of creating  propaganda, doing politics, taking sides  and  doing corruption.

In today’s time Indian media is totally divided not only company owners but the media editors and corespondents are also divided  on issues and party lines.

Where one side we see Zee News and India News as pro BJP the others side is of NDTV, AAJ tak and ABP which are so ultra liberal that they  even hesitate to show the issue’s related to National Security  (Ishrat Jahah).

To know why Media takes political sides, we need to see who is owning which media company and what is their background.

Dainik Bhaskar : DB group India’s one of the biggest media group is owned by Agrawal brother where Ramesh Chandra Agrwal is a chairmen and Pawan and sudhir Agrawal is a Managing director. It is basically a family owned business with some minor investment from equity firm and investment company. DB group runs various media brands including 94.3 my FM , DNA , Baal Bashkar , Divya marathi, Bal bashkar and many others.

Hindustan Times : One of the very old media company of India. HT media is runs by Shobna Bhartiy with her two sons Priyavrat & Shamit Bhartia. Shobna Bhartia is a daughter of KK.Birla and wife of SS. Bhartia who is a chairmen of JLS. Intresting fact here is to note is Shamit Bhartia wife Nayantara Kothari is a niece of Anil and Mukesh Ambani.

India News (Information Tv Pvt. Ltd.) : Information Tv. Pvt.Ltd. runs a media brand called India news & news x. It is owned by Mark buildtech and Omkareshwar property’s, Where owner of the Mark buildtech is Kartikay Sharma who is a son of former congress politician Vinod sharma and brother of Manu Sharma ( Who was Involved in Jesicca lal murder case) and  Omkareshwar property belongs to Bhupender Shingh Hooda (Former congress CM of Hariyana ) and his son Deependar Singh Hooda.

NDTV : The most controversial New Delhi Television venture is run by Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy. Radhika is a sister of Brinda Karat the National leader of Left party. There is also a share of 14.7 % of Oswal Greentech Limited whose owner abhay Oswal is a father in law of congress leader Navin Jindal, Naveen has also started his full fledged media company called focus news. NDTV is very famous for it’s perceived ultra liberal and pro left stance. News anchors like Barkha Dutt , Rajdeep , Sagarika , Sonia Singh ( Who is a wife of former Congress cabinet Minister RPN Singh ) all belongs to NDTV only they all originate from here.

Network 18 group : Network 18 which runs a media brands like CNN- IBN , IBN7 and various different media portals and networks.It was started by Raghav bahl later acquired by Mukesh Dhiru Bhai Ambani group.

Zee News : This news channel is run by Essel group whose chairmen is Subhash Chandra run this with his brothers and son Punit. Subhash was very close to congress till 2008 but when he started ICL ( Indian Cricket league ) and his congress friend in BCCI did not supported him in this venture he had to go to Gujrat to held the matches that time Modi was the Gujrat CM and he was the only one who helped him to conduct the matches. The relationship of Subash Chandra and congress got more bitter when in coal Scam Neveen jindal alleged charges of extortion  against Sudhir Choudry the editor in chief of Zee news and got him behind bars.

Times Of India :  TOI formally known as Bennet coleman which is run by Jain brothers Vineet Jain and Samir jain it runs many media brand like TOI, 98.3 Radio Mirchi , Zoom , Live Tv and other media portal as well. The famous news anchor Arnab goswami is a Editor in Chief of Times now and runs famous news show News Hour which is famous for exposing many scam and corruption cases

News24 : Channel owned by B.A.G. Films and Media Limited. News 24 is free-to-air channel in India.Promoted by Ms. Anurradha Prasad News 24 is part of BAG Network, which is 360 degree media conglomerate with diversified interests in Production, Television Broadcasting, FM Radio, New Media Ventures and Education. Anuradha prasad is Wife of former Journalist and former Congress MP Rajiv Shukla, Who also holding a post in BCCI and IPL Chairmen. Ironically Anuradha Prashad is who is a wife of Congress MP Rajiv is also a sister of Current BJP Minister Ravishankar Prasad.

Lets see the list of Indian Media journalist and which party they seems to support.

 News Anchor Supporting Party (Percived)
Anjana Om Kashyap AAP
Ravish Kumar Extreme leftist (AAP)
Sudhir Choudhary Pro BJP
Rajat Sharma Pro BJP
Abhishar Sharma Anti BJP
Puniya Prasoon Anti BJP
Dibang Anti BJP
Anurag Muskaan Anti AAP
Deepak Sharma Pro AAP
Shweta Singh More Balanced in AAjTak ………
Rohit Sardana Pro BJP
Rajdeep Sardesai Anti BJP
Sagarika Anti BJP
Barkha Dutt Any one but BJP
Arnab Balanced
Gaurav Sawant Pro BJP
Rahul Kawal Center to left
Sumit Awasthi Balanced
Bhupendra Choubey Center to left
Deepak Choursiya Central to right…
Saba Nakvi Anti BJP
All Journalist of NDTV Hates BJP

Also see some of the media web portals and whom they are perceived to support.

Media Portal Support (Perceived )
Janta ka reporter  Love AAP 🙂
India Samvad Pro AAP
Catch Pro AAP
Niti Central Pro BJP
India One Pro BJP
News Laundry Pro AAP

I tried to explain some random and unknown facts about Indian media, its very important to know from whom you are  taking information.

I will release some more fact  about Indian media in my next blog, If you like my blog keep share it and like our facebook page. thanks Meanwhile you can also see details in this video.

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